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What is Fogbugz?

FogBugz includes everything you’ll need to create great software, including project management, issue tracking, and support, as well as just enough process to get the job done. Version control systems like FogBugz allow development teams to focus on writing code rather than creating or reinventing new structures or processes. It was the first commercially available bug tracking tool and pioneered the issue tracking and project management market. It comes with a powerful program that allows users to search the entire contents of cases, wiki articles, and customer correspondence in real-time. Version control systems like FogBugz create software that is more important than a race to close bugs. It includes everything a software developer needs, including project management, issue tracking, and support, along with just enough process to help them deliver. It displays the vital issue and project information and updates from integrated tools. FogBugz version control systems offer a 14-day free trial to users so they can try out the software’s features. Users can contact the vendor directly for more information on the software.

Keep track of projects from start to finish and cut down on meetings to stay productive. Tasks can be organized by project, area, or team, and workflows can be tailored to each of them. Automated responses and email triage are now complete. Save time by using pre-written responses. Create a backlog quickly and easily by dividing work into hours or points. Create Kanban boards and allocate resources within a sprint. Always keep track of how much service you have left and ensure your workload is balanced. Project completion dates can be predicted, estimates can be improved, and projects delivered on time. Create public documentation for customers and share technical specs, design docs, knowledge domain articles, and more. Create beautiful, comprehensive specifications and user documentation, and easily track changes. With HTTPS, SSH, and permissions, you can easily branch and merge your code. Keep track of your code and be notified of important updates. Customer Support- Email Management, AutoSort, and Snippets, Seamless email handling, Bulk-email capabilities (for dealing with a large number of identical problems, such as an outage), Customizable workflows, Customizable statuses, LDAP integration, Case editing with the full audit log, Keyboard Shortcuts, Advanced Integration- Plugin Development, Source Control, and 3rd-Party Extras, and so on are among Fogbugz features.

FogBugz 7 is a significant update that has taken two years to complete. This document outlines several enhancements that help FogBugz become the ultimate project management tool. FogBugz 7 includes several new features that make it easier to manage your work and track your project’s progress. Subcases in FogBugz help you break down your work plan into manageable chunks. Operating context menu (see “Usability Enhancements”), or by highlighting a case and clicking the “Add Subcase” button at the bottom of the grid view, you can add a subcase right in the grid view. Grid view exhibits cases in a hierarchical outline, finished with “arrow” controls for hiding and displaying specific subcase branches. Parent cases that match the current filter are shown in blue, while those that don’t are shown in gray. We offer users the option to toggle between the new “outline view” and the “flat view” provided in previous versions of FogBugz because organizing cases by hierarchy affects how matters are sorted. Subcases can be added to the case view by typing them into the “Subcases” field. You can create a new subcase by simply typing in a title or auto-complete to find an existing case. If you check “Also close subcases” when closing a parent case, you can easily do the same for all subcases. Similar control is available when resolving an issue. FogBugz Plugins enable site administrators to customize and extend FogBugz by adding new features, changing existing behavior, and integrating FogBugz with other applications. Go to Admin -> Plugins and click Install Plugins to install plugins. Users with FogBugz On Demand can select from a list of approved plugins on that page. Those running FogBugz can upload any plugin zip file on their servers. The FogBugz Plugin Gallery allows you to browse and search for available plugins. If you do not find the Plugin you’re looking for, writing your own is simple if you have some C# experience (or another .NET language). If you’d like to start creating your plugins, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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