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Forecast Review

Forecast Review


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What is Forecast?

The Forecast is a full-suite platform that combines project management, resource management, finance & billing, time tracking, and business intelligence into one AI-powered software to help professional service companies improve their operational and financial performance. With Forecast’s Auto-Schedule, you can quickly create a solid project plan. The intelligent AI calculates task estimates, distributes and optimizes workload across resources, and establishes a project deadline. When change requests arise, reschedule the program. Auto-Schedule allows project managers to create good project plans in a matter of seconds. The intelligent AI learns your team’s skills and competencies, then uses them to estimate tasks automatically, assign and optimize resources, and set deadlines that are perfectly tailored to each individual. By freeing up time-consuming administrative tasks like project planning and resource scheduling, your project managers can focus on what matters most: communicating with stakeholders, selling the project vision, and coaching the project team. Make time registrations the easiest and most efficient part of your team’s day. Forecast’s AI learns from your previous work and suggests the number of hours you typically log on similar tasks, allowing you to log time more quickly. Keep track of your time and lay the groundwork for accurate reporting. Improve the speed with which you register time by having AI show you the tasks you’ve recently completed and suggesting hours or even minutes you typically register on similar jobs. Timesheet views can be easily customized, and time can be entered in a day, week, or month view.

To reduce financial risks, capture non-billable work. Allow your teams to track time spent on internal activities other than project tasks, such as meetings, training, and sick days. Look at the time you’ve set aside for vacation in the coming weeks. You can keep an eye on the big picture of time registrations to see where everyone’s time is spent. Send reminders directly to employees’ inboxes if any time entries are missing from their timesheets. On a portfolio or project level, get consistent progress insights in real-time. Ensure that each task, milestone, or project runs smoothly and quickly assess what requires your attention. You won’t have to comb through spreadsheets to generate a report because you’ll get live-updated project data automatically. Forecast’s Advanced Analytics (AvA) allows you to create fully customizable dashboards to track overall performance. Discover the most profitable projects, uncover hidden opportunities, and identify the activities slowing you down. Get to the data that will help you accurately plan company growth and minimize risks by cutting through the noise. Create customized ‘at-a-glance’ visuals that provide you with immediate insights into business performance metrics such as profitability and resourcing. Using real-time insights, quickly get to grips with the data that’s critical to your business. Stop manually juggling spreadsheets and automate analytics in one easy-to-use system. Focus on what matters by customizing the forecasts, reports, and dashboards you need to inform yourself and your team. Your choices are only as good as the data you use to make them. With minimal effort, get a sense of growth potential, resourcing requirements, and profitability. Use real-time data to forecast and make decisions with confidence and conviction accurately. The Forecast gives you a complete picture of your project’s budget. See the most up-to-date figures on where you make money, what it costs you, and how to profit from projects. Drill down the numbers to see what needs to be addressed first to improve performance.

Forecast makes project accounting simple and adaptable to your requirements. The platform connects all project data to create a project budget that allows you to track costs, revenue, and profit. The flexible budget page will enable you to manage the project’s financial aspects in one place. The graphs show how the project progresses in terms of cost, profit, and revenue, both planned and actual. Drill down the numbers to see what needs to be addressed first to improve performance. You can track the billability of projects whether you work with fixed prices or invoice your clients on the fly. See where you make money, how much it costs you, and how you can profit from projects in real-time. You’re able to see how much has been paid and invoiced by creating invoices in Forecast. Connect Forecast to your favorite accounting system to align departments. Create invoices in Forecast and sync them with the accounting department so they can keep track of how much money the projects you’re working on are worth.

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