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What is FormSwift?

FORMSWIFT IS A CLOUD-BASED SAAS PLATFORM FOR EDITING, CREATING,  AND SIGNING DOCUMENTS. With FormSwift, you can easily create documents, collaborate with your team, and choose from a large database of templates. Select templates and forms can be easily customized by adding text or images to the forms. Clients can use this platform to create a cloud-based workflow and go paperless, eliminating the need for printing and mailing. Small businesses will benefit from FormSwift because it provides legal and commercial forms. Personal forms can record transactions, create contracts, and submit lawful requests. Users can create, revise, sign, and download forms and documents using FormSwift, a web-based software solution. Members can choose from over 500 templates in the software’s library, or they can upload their own and edit it with FormSwift’s tools. Users can also answer step-by-step questions to flesh out a document according to their preferences. The finished document can then be shared or exported to PDF or Word format. Users can also upload PDFs and edit them using the FormSwift PDF editor. Users can use this function to add images, text, and checkmarks to a PDF file, which they can then save. It is also possible to update the said file at any time. Users can also attach their electronic signatures to documents and files using FormSwift. The software can also process signature requests and send notifications once the document or file has been signed.

When users create documents, the first step is to determine what type of document they require. Users have access to a large library from which to choose. Suppose users are unsure which template to use. In that case, the templates are divided into four categories for ease of use: business, personal, tax, and real estate firms. Users can also use the seek function to find what they’re looking for, filtered by keywords. Users can select the “Create Document” option after determining what type would best suit their needs and then begin customizing the form. Suppose users can’t find their preferred style of document. In that case, they can use the “Suggest A Document” option in FormSwift’s document library or contact the customer service team. When customizing forms, users respond to a series of questions necessary for the document to be properly tailored to the user’s needs. Users can then evaluate the entire document and edit it further after completing the questions. Users can export the file to PDF or Word format once everything is satisfactory. Records created and edited with FormSwift are automatically saved to the user’s FormSwift account, allowing them to edit them at their leisure and serving as a backup if the file is lost or deleted. Users can use the PDF editor to select and edit any government forms they want. Users will have no trouble filling out landscaped rather than proper forms because images, text, and checkmarks can be added to any part of the document. Users can then click the “Download PDF” button in the upper right corner of the user interface once they’ve finished editing. For the same cause that a normal document is saved, the PDF file will be automatically saved to the user’s account. On FormSwift, the “My Documents” tab has everything a user needs to edit a previously created document. Users will be taken to either the document questionnaire portion of document creation or the FormSwift PDF editor to change some of the input data, depending on the type of document created. Information about the record, whether it is a PDF or not and when it was made, can also be found on the aforementioned tab. Users can also print their completed documents directly from the FormSwift website if they wish. They must, however, ensure that pop-ups are enabled in the browser they are using to access FormSwift for the print request to be processed. Users can also see a “Sign” button on the “My Documents” tab, which can be used to sign any document they’ve created electronically. Users have three options when creating a signature. They can either type in their signature, draw it with a mouse or other piece of hardware, or upload an image of it. Users can drag the signature anywhere with the mouse once it’s been created. With a single click, it will be pasted to the location on the document where the cursor is currently hovering. Suppose the user is still editing and correcting the record in FormSwift. In that case, a “Signature” button is also at the top of the page. The “My Documents” tab also allows users to share the documents they’ve created. The share button has a letter icon on it. Using this function, users can communicate via email the completed documents that were automatically saved to FormSwift. FormSwift account holders can invite collaborators to contribute, edit, or review a document using the share feature. They can also use it to request a signature, and when the document is signed, users will be notified. Sending the record as a PDF file is also possible.

FormSwift is an apt name for the software because, if nothing else, it makes it simple for users to create documents quickly. The format for users to create records is very simple and intuitive. It ensures that, despite being personalized and tailored to the user’s needs, it adheres to the basic outline of the chosen document to ensure that it meets expectations. The software is certainly very dynamic and flexible, meeting the needs of small to medium-sized businesses and even large enterprises. It turns what used to be a complicated and very time-consuming procedure into something that can be done within minutes and without a problem. Users can select from three different pricing plans at FormSwift, allowing them to customize their membership. They have access to each of FormSwift’s features as a member. These include, but are not limited to, the ability to create an unlimited number of documents, the ability to upload and edit any PDF document, the ability to sign documents or request electronic signatures from others electronically, and the ability to share the documents created via email. FormSwift offers a seven-day free trial period. Unlike other software, it does, however, require credit card information for this part of the membership. After the free trial period, users will be billed for the monthly membership. After the trial, this monthly membership will cost $39.95 per month. An annual membership choice is also available for $89 per year. The last membership option is the One Document Only plan, which costs $59 and allows you to create or edit only one document, which can then be exported, shared, or printed. Users can also cancel their current membership at any time. The web-based software FormSwift is high level and intuitive, ensuring users will get what they came for. Despite the seemingly high pricing plans, users can rest assured that they will receive exactly what was promised: a simple yet robust software solution that makes creating, editing, and downloading forms as simple as possible. Anyone who wants to create and edit records and documents quickly and easily should give it a try.

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