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What is, one of the world’s major cloud-based video review and approval platforms, announced support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) AWS for Media & Entertainment initiative to speed and simplify collaborative content creation with remote teams,  editing from a suite across town, or working from their own home in a different city. AWS for Media & Entertainment is a program that includes new and existing AWS and AWS Partners services and solutions tailored to content creators, rights holders, producers, broadcasters, and distributors. AWS now has extra purpose-built media & entertainment industry services than some

 cloud, including AWS Elemental MediaPackage, AWS Elemental MediaConnect, AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS Elemental MediaConvert, and Amazon Interactive Video Service, which allows consumers to set up creative studios in hours rather than weeks (IVS). Through aligning AWS and AWS Partner capabilities against five solution areas: Media Supply Chain & Archive, Content Production,  Broadcast, Direct-to-Consumer & Streaming, and Data Science & Analytics, AWS for Media & Entertainment streamlines the process of building, deploying, and reinventing mission-critical industry workloads., as one of the AWS for Media & Entertainment initiative’s content production partners, offers some of the worldwide most widely used review and approval tools. Customers get real-time collaborative review and approval tools with frame-accurate commenting, on-screen annotation drawing, and integrated messaging, whether they’re on set, on the road with their iPhone, at home with an iPad, or working in an edit suite. It’s all centralized in a gorgeous, intuitive, award-winning interface that makes collaboration effortless. That means you won’t have to send feedback via email or keep track of changes and notes on complicated spreadsheets. recently introduced Camera to Cloud, a game-changing innovation that will revolutionize production workflows, in addition to review and approval. Production has shifted from film to tape, then tape to digital files, over the last 100 years. Now there’s a third shift underway: going straight from the camera to cloud, which will forever alter how content is created. The film had to be processed or digitized, tapes had to be duplicated, drives had to be backed up, and media had to be shipped for anyone to see the day’s work. It took far too long. Camera to Cloud solves these difficulties by publishing footage to the cloud instantly and securely, allowing producers, studios, agencies, and even editors to monitor and receive camera files in a few seconds of calling “CUT” on the set.

The products streamline video production by storing assets in the cloud and permit collaborators to upload, share, and edit video while still being shot. products simplify workflows, save time, and centralize communication and media so you can focus on what matters: being creative. Webhooks and Custom Actions, which work best on AWS Lambda, a serverless computer service that allows you to run the code without giving or managing servers, will enable you to extend deeper into customer workflows. customers use these features to join project management systems, on-premises storage, video playout servers, and other services. A free version allows two users to collaborate on two projects and includes 2GB of storage. This also applies to all of your annotation and integration capabilities.’s paid versions start at $15 per user per month. A custom-priced enterprise version includes a built-in inbox and multiple workspaces, ideal for agencies with numerous clients.

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