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What is Frase?

Frase is a content marketing tool that generates content briefs for your selected keywords using artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP). Supposing you’re starting from scratch with an article. Frase scrapes the top 20 websites from Google search results and generates automatic content briefly in 10 seconds with the best topics to discuss. If you already have range, Frase can help you optimize it by revealing the most important terms that your competitors are using. In either case, Frase will compare your article to the top 20 websites in the ranking (or you can select which ones to compare to) to find topic gaps and missing terms. Artificial intelligence is used to accomplish all of this.

Despite being primarily a content marketing tool, Frase has several vital features. You can use Frase to come up with blog post topic ideas. There are a few choices for accomplishing this. First, you can search for a broad keyword term under the “Question Ideas” tab, and Frase will display a long list of frequently asked questions related to that keyword. This is helpful because it allows you to write topics based on what your customers are looking for. You can create an article brief with just a click from this page! Second, Frase can create a concept map from a given topic. This concept map extracts Wikipedia topics, links them together and summarizes the Wikipedia article. You can either read the entire wiki or generate an article briefly for the target keyword from here. When I’m writing this, I get most of my questions from Quora and Reddit, with only a few of them being related. Before choosing a topic to write about, you must first explore the concept map. Frase was designed to cut down on time to write articles, so these features aren’t the best. However, it’s still a valuable feature to have, especially if you’re running out of ideas for posts. Frase can help by generating content briefs based on your competitors’ topics. These are referred to as “documents.” A content editor in a document can easily add, remove or edit items. Frase will also give you a quick competitor analysis, including what your competitors wrote about, the topics they covered, a summary of each case, and the most common questions they asked in their articles. Frase will also give you statistics from these pages, including the average word count, average links, and middle sections. The editor tabs for statistics, news related to the keyword, and a tab for links to the right of the content, which can be used for external linking.

Frase has recently added a section for search intent, which makes it even better. Rather than the more familiar informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional search intents, Frase categorizes them based on the types of pages and how they’re formatted. Although Frase does not break down search intent in the same way that all SEOs do, I think they should do it this way. Traditional search intent comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. As a result, by breaking it down to the type of content written, you’ll be able to determine precisely how to format your content to improve your chances of ranking on Google’s first page. It’s also worth noting that each query may have a different set of intents mentioned above. Hence, it’s always best to combine this data with your own SERP research. Frase’s research features can be used to give better content briefs for your writers if you’re outsourcing content. You’ll never have to conduct research and write a content brief from scratch again! It’s important to remember that DOES NOT GENERATE CONTENT FOR YOU. It merely employs artificial intelligence to conduct research and identify content gaps. However, the founders intend to incorporate GPT-3 into Frase in the future, suggesting that it may be capable of doing so. Frase is appealing because it saves you time when it comes to research and allows you to optimize your existing content. Frase provides you with content optimization analyses for your chosen keyword, in which it extracts the most commonly used terms from your competitors’ articles and counts the number of times they are used.

These keyword suggestions are efficient because Google has already decided what they want to see on the first page. It’s an excellent way to beat the competition if you can replicate and improve the results you see. TF*IDF is the name of this method. Frase uses a proprietary scoring system called “Topic Score” that compares your content to that found in search engines (0-100 percent). You can also look at the average topic score of your competitors. By writing better content, you should get a higher content score. You are able to see positive ranking changes due to your optimized content.

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