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What is Freshteam?

Freshteam is an HR software that aids in recruiting, onboarding, and managing employee information. Time off management and offboarding workflows are also covered. With Freshteam, you can find top talent in a variety of ways. Attract, screen, and interview applicants, collaborate on hiring decisions, roll out offers, and more, all from a single central hub. You can send documents to sign, forms to fill out, and handbooks to distribute in just a few clicks, even before they join. Automate routine tasks focus on essential matters and let the autopilot handle follow-ups, screening, stakeholder notifications, and other recruiting tasks. Reports on important HR metrics like time-to-hire, candidate pipeline, employee turnover, retention, and more help you track your HR goals and progress. With powerful time-off dashboards, you can create flexible time-off policies, implement approval workflows, and stay on top of everything left. Employee data is stored, org charts are used to show who’s who, time off requests are entered, candidates are referred to job openings, and updated employee profiles, among other things. Recruiters can use the solution to find, screen, interview, and hire candidates. For current employees, it also has time-off management features. Recruiters can use email templates to generate offers with Freshteam.

Freshteam is the human resources software for a growing company. Freshteam allows you to hire and onboard new employees, offboard departing employees, manage employee information, and schedule time off, all in one place. Freshteam uses a variety of channels to help recruit top talent, including a quick-to-create career site, integration with premium job boards,  multiple free and social media channels. The software can also listen to emails, making it simple to identify emails from job boards and add them to your candidate database. Once the candidates have been received, the recruiting team can work with hiring managers to interview them, share feedback and leave notes for one another, and hire and offer the best candidates. Freshteam enables HR to onboard newly hired employees even before their first day on the job. Whether it’s filling out forms, signing documents, or handing out handbooks, it’s all done in a matter of clicks. It also allows you to make an onboarding task list and assign it to the appropriate people. You can collect all necessary data, create employee profiles, and manage access permissions to information and documents. Employee and manager self-service for employee requests, Employee time off, manager approval workflows, time-off reports for teams and the entire organization that provide a quick view into upcoming leaves, and absenteeism trends are covered by HR. The iOS and Android apps let you complete essential tasks while on the go. 

Freshteam is part of the Freshworks product, which includes Freshsales CRM Software, Freshservice IT Service Management Software, Freshdesk Customer Support Software, and other products used by over 150000 companies worldwide, including Cisco Honda, 3M, The Atlantic, and QuizUp. All hiring-related information such as candidate profiles, interview feedback, panel member comments, and emails are stored in one place to save time. Improve your collaboration with the hiring team by involving everyone from the start. Members of the hiring team can screen applications and provide feedback as they come in. Using built-in email and Candidate 360 makes candidate engagement more contextual. Maintain a database of active candidates. Freshteam resurfaces archived candidates whenever a new job posting is created, allowing recruiters to nurture older profiles as well. With Pre-onboarding features, you can connect with your new hires even before starting. With HRIS features, you can keep all employee information in one place. All paid expenses are tracked, approved, and managed.

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