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What is Freshworks?

Freshworks is a customer relationship management system that helps sales and marketing professionals better understand their customers by providing the right customer insights at the right time across all touchpoints. Freshworks CRM (formerly “Freshsales”) is just one of the company’s many products. It has outstanding features for managing a team of salespeople. As a result, it is a good CRM software option for larger companies with many salespeople. Freshworks CRM, like all CRMs, provides lead management, contacts, deals, and a visual pipeline — the essentials. However, three additional features make this platform stand out. Not all sales leads are the same. Some people are simply uninterested in what you have to offer, while others are only a few conversations away from becoming customers. Freshworks CRM’s lead scoring feature — which permits you to rank leads based on their level of engagement — is a useful prospecting tool that will help you feel more in control of your sales pipeline by allowing you to determine how close you are to a sale. It’s easy to see which leads have the highest scores and, as a result, which you should pay the most attention to.

Freshworks CRM has features that can assist you if you manage a sales team and aren’t just a one-person band. You can organize your team based on various factors, such as geography, deal size, and product division, and the software will automatically assign prospects to the appropriate salespeople. While the free version doesn’t include much in team management, the more expensive versions include workflow automation, lead assignment, advanced reporting, event tracking, sales goals, audit logs, and other useful features that can help a team increase sales. You can’t be a good salesperson unless you have access to powerful reporting tools that show you how well you’re doing in lead generation, conversion rate, and other key metrics. Freshworks CRM excels at this, with 32 different reports ranging from manual call logs to leads generated this month to email activity reports. They’re also created instantly using the information you enter into the software, so there’s no need to put forth any effort. Freshworks CRM is a little more deliberate about throwing a lot of information at you with dashboards featuring blocks of random data. In contrast, many CRMs try to throw a lot of information at you with dashboards featuring blocks of random data. Because your activities and appointments take up the majority of the dashboard, the first thing you’ll see when you log in is a record of tasks you’ve completed and upcoming meetings. The disadvantage of this approach is that you have fewer options for customizing the information on the dashboard. It also doesn’t give you that nice bird’s-eye view of where you stand regarding key metrics like sales quotas; you have to go to another page to get that information. The navigation, on the other hand, is straightforward. You can switch between leads, contacts, deals, reports, and email tools using an icon-based menu on the side. Filling out forms and flipping through pages can sometimes be tedious, but this isn’t a deal-breaker. Freshworks CRM’s website has self-help resources such as FAQs, articles, and explainer videos. You aren’t completely alone, though. itA sales and support phone numbers and email can be found at the bottom of the Support page. I reached a member of the support team almost immediately after dialing the number. A live chat function is also built into the software if you prefer to get your questions answered that way. This platform’s support options are impressive. Many other platforms don’t offer phone support or live chat, or if they do, they charge a premium for it. Freshworks CRM makes it available for free.

Furthermore, the explainer videos are a nice bonus, as they prevent you from solely relying on articles. Freshworks CRM is an easy-to-use platform with minimal onboarding, making it ideal for someone who wants to pick it up and start using it. The only drawback is that there isn’t a user forum dedicated to Freshworks CRM. And, because the basic version is inexpensive, a salesperson can sign up and try it out without investing a lot of cash on a long-term commitment. It also includes a long list of advanced features for businesses that manage sales teams and require more than a basic CRM. The more complex parts may take a little longer to learn, but there’s nothing you can do about it if you want to take your sales team to the next level. Freshworks CRM does a good job catering to businesses of all sizes, with a long list of features and a reasonable pricing structure. It’s a cost-effective CRM for small businesses with few users and only basic CRM requirements. Still, enterprise businesses with more complex needs willing to pay a higher price can get something more powerful. Many of its features appear to be geared toward companies with teams of salespeople, so if you’re a small business with just one salesperson, you may find that many of the features aren’t useful to you. However, the majority of the features will be useful.

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