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The front is your one-stop shop for all customer communication. We combine the ease of email with the intelligence of a CRM to enable you to deliver personalized service at scale. Front’s platform allows you to implement any of your ideas. Choose from dozens of third-party integrations or explore our most common API use cases. Front’s platform includes several APIs that let you create custom workflows and user interfaces to boost the trait and efficiency of your customer communication. Our APIs are easy to use and come with comprehensive documentation that includes walkthroughs, code examples, and more. The majority of custom integrations can be completed in 1-3 weeks. The Core API is Front’s “backend” API, allowing developers to access and update nearly all aspects of the platform, including messages, contacts, channels, inboxes, teammates, analytics, and more. The API also supports Webhooks, allowing real-time Front to your system updates. Data from a CRM or an internal database is synced to Front Contacts. Front Rules can then use this information to power automatic routing and triage. Syncing Front messages with corresponding CRM records. Creating draft responses to customer inquiries automatically, which users can then review before sending. Inbound messages are automatically assigned and triaged based on customer metadata or teammate workloads. Data redaction and compliance can be automated by periodically deleting messages that meet certain criteria. Front analytics data can be exported in a third-party BI tool or data warehouse. The Plugin SDK lets you embed a custom web app in Front’s sidebar to interact with the user’s current conversations, create drafts, add tags, and more. Custom CRM or internal tooling integration looks up the account/contact/transaction details for a specific Front conversation and pre-fills those details for faster message drafting. Phone integration with an in-app dialer to make and receive calls without leaving the Front. With the Plugin SDK, you can embed a custom web app in Front’s sidebar that interacts with the user’s current conversations, creates drafts, tags, and more. Custom CRM or internal tooling integration looks up account/contact/transaction details for a specific Front conversation and pre-fills them for faster message drafting.

There’s a phone integration with an in-app dialer to make and receive calls without leaving the Front. Front integrates with the knowledge base, allowing you to search and view any knowledge base articles directly from Front. Recording and transcribing phone calls as messages in Front. The Front is being integrated with several third-party SMS providers. Using Front to connect a custom live chat solution. Front transforms your email into a powerful, automated platform that enables your team to have a greater impact. To grow your business intelligently, track volume for teammates and customers, understand performance and balance workload. You can see who is working on what and keep projects and conversations moving along with assignments and automated rules. With automation based on customer, time, or other triggers, you can achieve and measure response time goals. With Front, remote teams can maintain their momentum. You can stay aligned, connected, and motivated with built-in team collaboration and accountability features. Allow your team to succeed from wherever they prefer to work. Alignment is easy with a team inbox that keeps all communication in one place. To collaborate on customer communication, assign messages to a teammate, comment on an email to include a teammate, and share email drafts. Every customer feels the strength of your entire team, rather than a siloed support agent, with full customer context at your fingertips and built-in collaboration. Customer escalation workflows, SLAs to keep breaches at bay, and assignments or tags to prioritize the right messages help ensure responsiveness. Email analytics allow you to keep an eye on productivity, customer satisfaction, and your team’s workload so you can spot coaching opportunities and support them from anywhere. You can also spot opportunities for improvement from afar if you have visibility into team inboxes. 

Take action and update your teams and systems from the Front, including CRMs, custom databases, and more. View all communication history and critical customer information to stay aligned and deliver thoughtful service without missing a beat. There’s no need to train your group on a new tool—Front looks and feels just like Outlook or Gmail, so they’ll be ready to work from anywhere in no time. Remote team collaboration features keep you all connected in one place, making it simple for new teammates to join in. Take a break from your browser tabs and use Front to manage multiple customer communication channels. Connect email, SMS, live chat, Facebook, and other communication channels to a central hub. It has the appearance and feel of email, making it simple to use.

What’s the best part? There’s no weird formatting, and your responses go straight to the customer in the channel they used to contact you, so all they see is a perfect customer experience. There will be no confusion, duplicate responses, or emails falling through the cracks with a shared view of every message. Everyone works from the same queue, which has message assignments built-in, so it’s always clear who’s in charge of what. At a glance, see what’s left in the queue and rest easy knowing that your team has it under control. Your team will also be more confident if they know exactly what they’re responsible for. You’ll never ask the same question twice with shared customer context and history available across all channels. The Front also allows you to integrate with Salesforce, your CRM, and more than 60 other apps, allowing you to access and edit customer data without ever leaving your inbox. It’ll appear as if it’s magic to your customer. Your team uses multiple communication channels because you care about giving customers a great experience. Through analytics across all channels, Front allows you to continue to improve that experience. Track response metrics and gather customer insights while measuring team and individual performance. Which channel is the most popular among customers? What are the most frequently asked questions by customers? All of these details and more can be found in Front, allowing you to make well-informed decisions that will propel your company forward. PErmit your team to focus on what they do best, communicating with customers. With Front’s automated rules, you can reduce busy work and save hours each week. Triage or routing can be automated, SLA alerts can be triggered, and instantly organized messages. And what if you want to add a new channel for customers to contact you, such as SMS texting? It’s no problem. Your organization and rules can be applied to any channel.

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