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What is Fullcontact?

FullContact is the leading provider of privacy-protected Identity Resolution as a Service (IaaS). Brands and marketing platforms can use FullContact’s patented Identity Graph to connect, consolidate, and enrich fragmented or incomplete offline, online, professional, and personal identifiers. Link complete or fragmented identifiers to an individual to unify customer and prospect data. Resolve is a persistent ID that is obfuscated, secure, and portable. It improves marketing capabilities such as personalization, messaging, segmentation, customer engagement, and device identification to media optimization. Whether you have email addresses, phone numbers, names street addresses, names, Placekey IDs, or Mobile Ad IDs, you can be confident in recognizing people who are engaging with your brand. Our simple API provides the data you need to identify people based on fragments while you’re interacting with them. Reclaim control of your customer’s experience. Take your PersonID wherever you want, safe in knowing that we’ll provide you with the tools you need to protect your customers’ privacy. Our secure environments and incremental identities will help you increase your revenue. Increase omnichannel reach by adding incremental touchpoints. Start with a name/address, a name/place key ID, a phone number, an email address, and a MAID, and you’ll get an average of 5 MAIDs and hashed emails per person. With FullContact’s API, you can get real-time data: your bids happen in real-time, your customers click in real-time, and you need to keep up with today’s dynamic environment. To reduce waste in media programs, link Mobile Ad IDs and hashed emails to a person instead of a third-party cookie. Third-party cookies are only valid for seven days, whereas Mobile Ad IDs are valid for months or years.

Digital identifiers that have been amplified can be used and syndicated as needed. No need for monthly refreshes during campaigns; our identifiers are persistent, housed within your walls, and can be used again and again. Gain a holistic understanding of your customers with demographics, psychographics, shopping habits, and more. Use detailed data to create more personalized and relevant 1:1 messaging. With unique 360 insights, you can drive deeper, more authentic brand engagement, greater loyalty, higher LTV, and improved ROI. We ensure that your message is relevant in every interaction, with over 30 million daily updates. We use a real-time API to deliver insights that immediately impact the brand experience and customer journey. Our unrivaled data sources provide an unrivaled breadth and depth of information that is permission-based and adheres to the strictest ethical guidelines. Enriching your records whether you have a single identifier (email address) or multiple identifiers for an individual. With just one API call, you can achieve maximum accuracy and confidence. To ensure that all insights returned are of the highest quality and accuracy, we continually validate benchmarks and improve the linkages within our graph.

Thanks to Identity Resolution via API, you can instantly connect with customers while they’ve engaged with you. Using our API, you can also enrich identities and activate audiences. Get a unified view of each customer online, offline, and across devices so you can communicate with them as individuals rather than personas. Activate, analyze, and amp up your message. Customers and prospects must be understood at every point of contact across all channels and touchpoints. We also provide tunable confidence to meet your specific requirements. To create a single, more complete, and accurate view of each individual, connect data. Create personalized, omnichannel experiences for your customers and treat them like real people in real-time. Consolidate online and offline identity fragments (email addresses, phone numbers, street addresses, Mobile Ad Ids, hashed emails) into a complete person picture. To tailor and amplify your marketing message, use a variety of insights, attributes, and additional customer touchpoints. Thousands of unique data attributes can be added to your custom profiles. Our real-time API provides them with a world-class, personalized experience at scale. Create lookalike audiences that can be used across all platforms. Authentically and consistently serve your customers across all channels. You can create a personalized brand experience in milliseconds to increase customer loyalty.

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