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What is FullStory?

FullStory is a digital intelligence platform that gives detailed information about how users interact with digital business experiences. It detects issues that cause funnel drop, measures the effects, fixes bugs, and finds solutions automatically. Thanks to seamless communication via Slack and Jira, teams are linked to the exact time and location where a problem occurs. It improves the customer experience by tracking and monitoring the customer journey. It indexes entire websites and user interactions and identifies errors for the end-user. 

On websites and apps, capture all user interactions, including clicks, page visits, mouse movements, tapping, and scrolling. Transform logged user events into useful information to provide reliable and timely insights. Use red and blue colors to visualize data, with red indicating the most interactions and blue telling the fewest. Provide data such as dead-clicks or rage-clicks that indicate website glitches, bugs, or slow-loading pages. Show the visitor’s clicks on buttons, banners, links, and CTAs while identifying user data behavior on the website.  To figure out why certain pages don’t get enough clicks and engagement, show how far the user scrolls down the page with an exact percentage spent in each section. Demonstrate the drop-off and conversion rates of main pages, indicating when and why visitors leave. Identify problems, improve funnels, and identify high-quality traffic. Find IP addresses, visit times, referrer URLs, UTM parameters, page navigation, typed text, clicks, events, and field changes. To track digital interactions, provide dashboard building blocks such as event and aggregation type. Calculate the percentage of users who arrive at the login page via the site’s homepage.

Identify pain points in conversion funnels to quickly address customers’ friction points. Allow organizations to see existing problems and find a solution, resulting in faster resolution. Identify data that requires debugging and troubleshooting. Resolve issues quickly and save up to eight hours per defect. To give digital teams complete access to organization details, provide a catalog of integration tools and open APIs. Reduce information sharing time and give everyone in the company access to the same digital experience data. By moving toward a unified system, you can eliminate information silos. To gain insights into all digital interactions, access automatically indexed instrumentation-free data to make business decisions. To analyze consumer behavior, provide real-time and accurate data. By combining qualitative and quantitative analytics capabilities in a single system, you can gain complete visibility. Using session replay, conduct real-time analysis, and validation of engagements. Organizations can identify customers’ needs if they have up-to-date information about their reactions. Get a complete picture of how users interconnect at any given time. Before making a final purchase, take a 14-day test drive. FullStory is suitable for many businesses, including small, medium, and large enterprises. Companies can also use the software. On FullStory, you can get a free package. However, if you want more features, you’ll have to pay for one paid plan. FullStory plans and prices can be customized to meet your company’s digital experience needs and objectives. Pricing is determined by session volume and data retention, and customers frequently see a return on investment of 10X or more. Do not waver to get in touch with our team for more information. Paste the FullStory snippet into the head element of your website using your Content Management System, your application’s code, or your online store platform.

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