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What is G2?

G2 Track is a tool that assists SaaS companies in tracking all aspects of their software or platform to achieve the best possible business results. This includes monitoring software costs, usage, contracts, and regulations. Users can optimize their entire tech stack by managing their whole Saas platform from a single, powerful dashboard in this way. G2 Tracks assists users in determining which apps they use, how frequently they use them, and how much money they spend on each. As a result, users can consolidate their vendor data, which includes invoices, renewals, and compliance, into a single unified platform with a single point of view. As a result, every team member can keep up with every possible update, including notes and contract details. SaaS spending can also be optimized in product usage, billing treatments, and contract renewals with deeper insights.

Marketing, Sales, and customer accomplishments teams can use G2 Intent Data to identify high-intent prospects and customers actively researching competitor profiles on G2. This solution keeps track of category page views, product profile views, view dates, product comparisons, and visitor counts, among other things. Marketing teams can use G2 Intent Data to create and adjust ABM campaigns based on traffic to category pages. Sales and customer success teams can prioritize accounts and plan outreach initiatives accordingly by tracking product profile views on G2. HubSpot, Marketo, LinkedIn, Terminus, and LeanData are all compatible with this solution. G2 assists businesses in identifying, purchasing, and managing the technology they require to realize their full potential. We’re building a passionate community of real users who are willing to share real reviews in real-time. New insights based on genuine reviews encourage informed decisions and collective learning, allowing businesses to purchase technology as consumers do on sites like Amazon. Our values at G2 are centered on PEAK. We strive to deliver PEAK experiences to all G2 stakeholders, including customers, employees, and investors. We’re dedicated to assembling and developing a talented team that can win and deliver PEAK results as a unit. Because all of our testimonials are genuine. Similarly, the way we communicate internally is changing. We want to create new business models and technologies to make the world a better place. Compassion and heart, we believe, are the foundations of great work. We’re dedicated to creating a welcoming environment.

G2 is the best place to go for unbiased reviews on any popular software today. Unlike other websites, G2 allows users to write in-depth reviews on any software, rather than just star ratings. Users are free to share their opinions, experiences, and challenges related to the software they are using. Users can also share whether they switched from another piece of software to the one they’re reviewing to compare the two. You can compare one piece of software to another to determine which is best for you or your company. You can filter reviews by region to get information from people who have used a product in a specific area, which can help you figure out if there are any server-related issues you’ll have to deal with. G2 does a fantastic job of showing you the price of any software right away, along with all of its plans, so you can decide if it fits your budget before doing any further research. You can also use the advanced search system to find software that caters to a specific need, which has come in handy for me on several occasions.

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