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What is GanttPro?

GanttPRO is a cloud-based project management software that provides comprehensive tools and features for organizing and managing projects, tasks, and assignments using the Gantt Chart method in an easy, hassle-free, and intuitive manner. Its powerful toolset enables users to create an unlimited number of projects, subtasks, and assignments, all highly customizable and flexible. GanttPRO is ideal for startups and enterprises that rely heavily on collaborative work, intensive planning, and aggressive scheduling in their core functions. GanttPRO allows users to view their plans in various ways, including Gantt chart, grid view, board view, and portfolio view. Custom columns, filters, milestones, project calendars, auto-scheduling, and task hierarchy are all available in its planning tools. All task management, project management, team and resource management, and time management functions are collaborative and available day and night, seven days weekly. 

Splitting your project into smaller manageable sections and adding milestones to get greater control of your plans is possible with Task Management With Dependencies And Progress Tracking. You can create task groups and subtasks, assign them a time limit, track their progress, and link your assignments to dependencies. It’s effortless, thanks to the drag-and-drop functionality. If any changes to your plan or dependent tasks occur, the Auto scheduling feature automatically adjusts your schedule. The critical path diagram depicts which tasks directly impact the project’s completion. It also denotes the quickest way to complete a task. This tool’s team collaboration feature makes it simple to store project-related data and collaborate with team members and project participants. It’s a central location for everyone and everything. Leave comments on tasks, attach files, describe the requirements for each job, mention people, and get real-time notifications. Working with actual team members and virtual resources and specifying their costs is possible with the Gantt chart creator. This GanttPRO feature allows managers to keep a tight grip on their budgets. You’ll be able to see how each member of your team is loaded with tasks, as well as who is overburdened or underperforming, thanks to the resource workload. It enables intelligent resource reallocation to keep your project on track. GanttPRO allows you to quickly import MS Project and Excel projects and work on them on a Gantt chart timeline. Export or share your project as a dynamic or static plan via URL if you need to present it to third parties such as stakeholders, clients, etc. You can switch from a Gantt chart to a Board view, which resembles a Kanban board if you need to change the picture of your project. It allows you to have more control over your tasks and statuses. GanttPRO provides dozens of ready-to-use templates for a wide range of professional fields to help you get started quickly. They offer a standard structure for tasks as well as their outcomes. At the same time, they’re entirely adaptable to your project’s specific requirements.

Improved customer relationship management, seamless collaboration, data correctness, quick planning and scheduling, and robust security are the main advantages of GanttPRO. GanttPRO makes it simple to communicate with clients. GanttPRO eliminates the need for teams to send email threads for task and project updates. Thanks to its intuitive features, clients can easily be updated in real-time with just a few clicks. Clients can quickly be on the same page with users at any time because all data is accurate and up to date. GanttPRO’s tools and features make collaboration a breeze. Any team member or project leader can see tasks, sequences, priorities, and deadlines with just a glance. All users can leave comments, plan duties, delegate tasks, and share files at any time. Projects and assignments are constantly controlled and managed because everything is kept in one centralized hub. Collaboration is also made easier by a variety of visualization options. Transparency and accountability are at the heart of GanttPRO’s tools and features. All changes and edits to a project, assignment, task, or subtask are time stamped and recorded. Users can see who created, closed, and edited any planned content at any time. Editing privileges can even be limited. These tools ensure that all data is protected and that file integrity is maintained at all times. Users of GanttPRO can choose from a variety of templates to quickly assign tasks and schedules. Because ready templates for various industries are always available, projects can be launched quickly. GanttPRO ensures that all user data is completely secure. The company uses SSL and a private VPN. All users have access to real-time data replication.

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