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What is is an email seeker platform that uses big data and artificial intelligence to help users find professional contacts’ email addresses. The software enables users to improve the quality of leads by automatically filling in blanks in real-time. The software allows users to extract and generate emails with the name of a company. assists its users in breaking down large amounts of data into smaller groups to improve data efficiency. Users can use the software to generate various email addresses from a list of domains. The software also allows users to download their files in CSV format. The platform has integrations with widely used Marketing/CRM automation software, allowing sales and marketing teams to access the company’s data and contacts from within the Marketing/CRM automation software. It also enables multinational corporations to better use the software’s tool across multiple currencies and languages.

Using the first name, last name, and company domain name, our tool can find the email address of anyone on the planet. We “scanned” several websites, searching for the general email format used by millions of businesses. Then we recreate the prospect’s professional email address so you can communicate with them. Our method is very simple, but it saves you a lot of time! It would take you around 5 minutes to find an email manually, whereas GetEmail takes only a few seconds. GetEmail keeps you two hours per day if you search 20 email addresses per day! is a one-stop-shop for email validation for businesses and startups. provides a complete Macintosh email solution. This internet-based verification program includes syntax checking, domain checking, bulk email verification, catch-all server detection, and mail server validation. uses Big Data and Machine Intelligence to search the internet for anyone’s email address. The app uses their first name, last name, and company domain name to find someone’s email address. The system works by “scanning” many websites to determine the most common email format used by millions of companies. The software then recreates the prospect’s technical email address so you can contact them. is used by marketing, distribution, hiring executives, and event planners.

 The software is simple to use, doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge, and doesn’t need to be configured. The onboarding process is also relatively quick, taking only two minutes. There is a slew of new features as well.’s most important part is that it allows you to find any email address in seconds if you have a first and last name or a domain. For outreach and HARO professionals, this is a game-changer. Bulk email verification is a useful feature that allows you to verify multiple email IDs in one go, saving you time to put towards your campaigns. Mail server validation is critical because it will enable you to verify various email IDs in one shot, saving you time to put towards your movements. automates the process of confirming and verifying domains, so you don’t have to. The single email address verification tool allows you to check any individual professional email address quickly and easily. Machine learning is used in the syntax check feature to ensure that searches are double-checked for errors and typos. Catch all server detection assists in double- and triple-checking to ensure that the results you receive are the ones you require.

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