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What is GetSiteControl?

GetSiteControl is a comprehensive set of widgets that can help you improve your site’s conversion rate. It comes with all of the tools you’ll need to display the right message to your visitors at the right time and get them to take action. There are a lot of good lead generation and conversion optimization tools out there these days, and GetSiteControl is one of them. With GetSiteControl, you’ll have everything you need in one place: high-converting popups, content forms, lead-generation widgets, feeds, and survey forms. You can reduce abandonment and increase conversion by displaying the right messages using the tool’s device. You can use GetSiteControl’s popup builder for various purposes, including email opt-in widgets, special offer announcements, displaying the best deals, discounts, and more. It has many popup templates that you can use to create your popups. Throughout the year, you will receive custom templates for various occasions. The popup templates are fully optimized for a higher CTA and ensure that your conversion rate is significantly increased. Because most traffic these days comes from mobile devices, it’s critical that your email opt-in popups and offers work properly on mobile devices. You can edit and optimize each of your popups for mobile devices using the GetSiteControl popup builder, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any opportunities to convert a random user into a paying customer. GetSiteControl is the best at creating subscription forms, and it’s one of the simplest and most effective ways to drive traffic to your site. In exchange for an email, you can request special offers, discounts, and so on. This aids in the expansion of your mailing list and the increase of website traffic and sales. Furthermore, these forms are created in a highly sophisticated and intricate manner.

The exit-intent technology, which tries to capture the email address via a popup right before the website closes, is one of the tricks you can use. It is extremely useful in lowering bounce rates and converting visitors before leaving the site. You can use the smart targeting feature-set to target email signup forms to the right people at the right time. Depending on what appeals to you the most, this can be done in a bar or slide-in format. You can change the look and feel of your signup forms, display targeted CTAs, and control the behavior of your widgets. You can change the face of the documents and where they are placed with the subscribe widget. You can also set the behavior of the popups, such as scroll-based, time-based, or exit-based triggers, as well as smart targeting features. The widgets are mobile-friendly and do not degrade the content’s quality. In addition, the installation process is incredibly quick. There are no special abilities or coding knowledge required. GetSiteControl also includes a built-in auto-responder that can be used to send an automated welcome message after successful signup and analytics to track performance by geography, click-through rates, and other factors. In MS-Excel format, you can easily download the reports and email data. This widget can also be used in conjunction with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Mad Mimi, AWeber, and various other email applications. GetSiteControl gives you complete control over how your site reaches your target audience. Depending on different parameters, you can target different sections of your visitors. You can either target visitors who have visited at least two pages on your site, or you can target the audience based on the browser and device they are using. When it comes to a call-to-action popup that will take your customers exactly where they want to go, Promo Widget is the way to go (within the website). You can create popups that highlight your most recent blog post, important news or articles in the financial, health, education, travel, and other industries, as well as your online store’s most exciting deal, and so on. In a very subtle way, the promo widget can also be used to inform your users about your cookie policy and terms and conditions. The widget is completely customizable and can be displayed to a specific audience based on their location, language, device, browser, and other factors.

Contact us or feedback form on your website is a must if you have users, readers, or customers on it. It is the most recommended way to interact with your users, acknowledge their feedback, and respond to their questions to build long-term trust. You can use GetSiteControl’s Contact widget to get in touch with your users and respond to their feedback or customer inquiries right away. Every time someone sends you a message, you get an email notification. The form for contacting us isn’t just for emails, either. You can create a callback request form that allows your customers to request a callback whenever they want. To accept orders online, the contact us form can also be moderated. The form can be filled out with any information you might need for the order. The widget can also be used in conjunction with CRM software and helpdesk software, ensuring that your customers’ communication flows smoothly. Depending on your marketing objectives, you can modify the contact forms. It allows you to create personalized messages for specific pages or only show the widgets to visitors who are new to the site. GetSiteControl’s entire product line is mobile-friendly. Because nearly half of internet users have already switched to mobile devices, and that number is only expected to rise, anything that doesn’t keep up with the current trends is a surefire way to get lost in the rabbit hole. Regardless of the device used by customers, GetSiteControl has ensured that the designs and user experience are unaffected.

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