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What is Gfycat?

To create your GIFs or browse the best gaming GIFs, reactions GIFs, funny GIFs, and more, you can use Gfycat, an online user-generated short video hosting tool. Users could previously browse Gfycat’s content and use its GIF uploading tools through its web platform. That site now receives over 75 million monthly visitors on and off the platform. Each month, 1.5 billion user-generated videos are watched by its users. According to Alexa’s web rankings, the site is also a top 60 site in the United States. It recently launched an API that allows developers to turn their videos into Gfycat Loops. Authentication is required to use Gfycat’s APIs and SDKs. To let us know what cool product you’re working on, register for an API key and include some information about it. We enjoy highlighting the innovative uses of our technology by developers. Once you have your API key, check out our section on authentication. Make sure to register and use three different API keys for each instance if you’re developing for multiple platforms, such as Android, iOS, and the web.

You’ll want an experience if your product has a messaging feature or a social posting feature. The use of GIF search and GIF reaction categories in your app can help you get more people to use it. A few great use cases include messaging apps, dating apps, and workplace collaboration apps. The Android SDK (Gfycat Picker Fragment) and iOS SDK (GfycatKit)  have already included UI elements and analytics for these use cases. You can download a.svg of the Gfycat “GIF” button icon here. Ad-supported SDKs are also available (off by default). Use the following API endpoints instead of the SDKs to implement a similar feature like trending GIFs, search, impressions, reaction GIFs list, and shares (send video event). Trending GIFs can be found on the homepage of These are not the same GIFs that you’ll find in our GIF keyboard (which are optimized for messaging experiences). On, you’ll also find a list of the most popular GIF channels (referred to as ‘tags’ in our documentation). Include impressions for any feature that shows GIFs that are trending or GIFs from channels that are trending. Many different types of creation exist. Using a longer video as a starting point, users could create a GIF. You could allow users to create a GIF using their camera or video from their device’s photo/video library. You could provide users with animated GIFs to add captions or emojis. There are a lot of options. Our GIF creation endpoint allows you to create GIFs from URLs, direct file uploads, and a variety of other parameters, such as trimming your source media with a start time and duration before making a GIF, adding captions to GIFs, or adding titles, tags, and descriptions to your GIFs so that people can find them more easily on and in apps that use the Gfycat API for GIF search or GIF feeds.

It’s never been easier to send GIFs via email. You’re ready to go! Please write an email, look for a GIF, and insert it! You can receive an email and respond with a GIF on desktop or mobile right away. With Gfycat, you can find the best reaction GIFs for all of your email needs. To increase email engagement, discover and share high-quality GIFs! Did you know that including a GIF in your email increases the likelihood of receiving a response? Gfycat makes it simple to find GIFs and seamlessly integrate them into your emails. You can use high-quality GIFs and memes in both business and personal emails. With a “yes or no” GIF, or a nice email with a “thank you” or “excited” GIF, it’s simple to respond to a question. Please take a look at the most popular GIFs, browse our reaction GIFs, or look through our database of over 50 million GIFs to find the perfect GIF for you. To add the GIF to your email, click on it once you’ve found it. Is there anything you want to say? We can be reached via email at gfycat dot com.

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