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What is Ghost Inspector?

Using Ghost Inspector, users can create automated browser tests to test the functionality of a website or application and run them continuously from the cloud to see if there are any issues. Create browser tests for your websites and web applications quickly and easily. Keep an eye on things to make sure they’re working and looking their best. There is no need to code. We’ve included many powerful features in Ghost Inspector to make it easier to automate testing for websites and web apps. We give you a set of tools to achieve your quality assurance goals, whether you’re new to QA testing or a seasoned test engineer. It cannot be easy to get started with automated browser testing because it necessitates several different tools. Ghost Inspector, on the other hand, is a completely different story! Anyone can now take a look at the results of their tests. Use our browser extension to record yourself walking through user journeys on your website and turn them into reproducible tests. Capture common interactions such as clicks, assignments, and other clicks. Make specific assertions to ensure that everything is running smoothly throughout the journey. Synchronize your recording with Ghost Inspector and run it as an automated test in the cloud. You can quickly add new steps, remove old ones, and reorder them with drag-and-drop. You can do everything a user would do: click, assign, drag-and-drop, and so on.

Steps in JavaScript allow you to create custom logic and deal with various situations. For self-healing, use CSS and XPath to target elements with backup selectors. By asserting URLs, text, and more, you can ensure that tests progress as planned. As importable modules, store repeated step sequences in a single location. Ghost Inspector also checks for visual regressions in addition to functional testing. You can only take screenshots of specific page parts if you want to. Change the sensitivity of the comparisons and hide any dynamic elements that are known to change as the page loads. We assist QA teams in automating their work to catch more problems in less time. Our codeless editor and recorder make it easier for everyone on the team to contribute to the quality control process. For more complicated situations, however, JavaScript can be used. Execute your JavaScript code in the browser’s context, just as you would in your browser’s development console. JavaScript steps that are both synchronous and asynchronous are supported. Install and use entire libraries (such as jQuery) on the page. Tests can be branched down different paths using conditionals. Ghost Inspector is hosted it easier for everyone on the team to contribute. Still, you might prefer to keep your tests in the same version control system as your code.

You can add accessibility checks to any page or screen in your automated tests as often as you want. With detailed reporting, you can find and fix accessibility issues on your website. To help you achieve and maintain the highest compliance standards, our accessibility checks follow the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Run tests when code is committed to GitHub or within CI tools like Jenkins and CircleCI. We have several official plugins and an API that allows us to be more flexible. When a test fails, send detailed reports to your team, set up webhooks, send results to Slack, or create a PagerDuty incident. For our release process, Ghost Inspector has been a game-changer. Regularly in production and before and after every release, we can automatically test complex user flows within our web app. It gives our team a lot more confidence to release more frequently.

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