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What is Ghost?

Ghost is a powerful app that allows new media creators to publish, share, and market their work. It includes cutting-edge tools for creating a website, posting content, sending out newsletters, and offering paid subscriptions. For developers, Ghost is an open-source website builder and publishing platform. It means that users can drill down into the codes to create a site they envision. It is completely hackable. There are no restrictions on how Ghost can be integrated. The platform’s API is available to developers to create custom connections with their favorite applications or services. In addition, Ghost provides users with a set of tools that make it simple to create and publish content. These make it easy to write an article or a page, especially if you use quick formatting tools. Users also have access to a content manager to help them organize their content.

Manage your icons, cover image, logos, and accent color in Ghost Admin, and take control of your site’s branding. The post is Ghost’s most important data type. You can use posts to create simple or complex collections of content published regularly. Pages make it simple to create pages like Contact and About pages for static content rather than a feed of posts. You can easily create and manage your site’s global navigation menu with a simple user interface. While working on your site, put it into private mode and require a password to access it. Publish in any language or multiple languages! You can customize your site with i18n and flexibly. For rich embeds and deeper social features, ensure your site’s metadata is directly linked to your social profiles. When you need more scripts or styles, add custom code to your site’s header and footer, either per page or across the entire area. When your content structure changes, manage custom 301 and 302 redirects to map old URLs to new locations. Check to see if your site operates according to the best timezone and schedule for you and your visitors. Enjoy the best web authoring experience by combining the best features of today’s most popular editors. There are no distractions, no clutter, and only content. You can focus on what you do best when the Ghost editor gets out of the way. Markdown is ingrained in the Ghost editor, with Markdown syntax automatically autocomplete as you type. You now have a link to highlight some text and paste a URL into it. It’s as simple as that! Any image card can have links added to it as well. Any content can be saved as a snippet for later use, making it ideal for logos, images, newsletter templates, or a call-to-action. Add rich photography to your story and have your images resized and compressed as they upload automatically. Use a gallery card to make a fluid collage of beautiful photography with captions for collections of photographs. Add Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Instagram, CodePen, Vimeo, Flickr, and other social media sites as automatic embeds. Explore the world’s most generous community of photographers’ largest high-quality royalty-free image library. The HTML card can be used to include more complex code or custom elements in any way you want. Add a Markdown Card to enter a raw, minimalist writing environment if you prefer a more purist Markdown authoring experience.

By default, Ghost generates short and easy-to-read URLs, but you can modify and customize them to your liking. To power workflows and automation, use dynamic, multi-dimensional tags that work very similarly to Gmail labels to organize your content. #hashtags, which act as a way to categorize different content types and functionality in Ghost privately, can extend tags even further. In one place, a beautiful post-preview UI shows how your post will appear on the web, mobile, email, social media, and search. You can schedule posts and pages to go live later with simple scheduling. To highlight a summary of your post or store any custom data that goes with it, use the excerpt custom field. Mark a post as Featured to give it a special treatment on your sites, such as a custom design or a different layout. When multiple people have collaborated on a piece of work, add various authors to the post’s byline whenever possible. For more control over individual posts and pages, create custom content and media for Twitter Cards. For Open Graph content, which Facebook and Pinterest use, enter a custom title, description, and post image. Using integration with a dedicated podcast hosting tool or creating custom RSS feeds to submit to popular podcast players like iTunes. Ghost automatically creates paginated archives of posts for each tag and author, each with RSS feeds and sitemaps. When you have different types of content, create reusable generic templates to assign to specific posts or pages for detailed page layouts. For each collection, tag, and author archive, Ghost generates RSS feeds automatically. It’s ready to be added to readers like Flipboard, Feedly, and Apple News, among others.

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