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What is Giphy?

Users can share and search for GIFs using Giphy, an online database and search engine. THE PLATFORM THAT BRINGS YOUR LIFE TO LIFE IS GIPHY. But GIPHY isn’t just for GIFs. We serve over 10 billion pieces of GIPHY content every day to over 700 million users, allowing them to express themselves and make their daily conversations more entertaining. GIPHY is also present in all of your conversations. Between the lines. Whether it’s reaction GIFs for your discussions, real-time GIFs of culture in action, animated stickers to layer your Stories, or conversation-starting Clips content, we’re the place to go if you’re looking for it. The content that makes your conversations and stories more positive, fun, and you — whether you’re a user, brand, content partner, artist, or anything else — is all available on GIPHY.

Our newest format, GIPHY Clips (GIFs with Sound), is a hybrid of GIFs and video. All of the memorable quotes, cultural moments, reactions, and characters that we need to express how we feel, what we think, and who we are are in our Clips Library. With Clips from GIPHY Studios’ official and content partners, we’re making short-form expressions discoverable via GIPHY Clips Search. New clips from the biggest names in sports, news, entertainment, and pop culture are added every day, all trimmed to their most important moments. GIFs with transparent backgrounds are known as stickers. They’re ideal for putting animated content on top of various applications, including messaging apps, social media stories (such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook), and games. When a square frame isn’t going to cut it. Emoji stickers with full animation are known as GIPHY Emojis. GIPHY emoji gives life and motion to some old favorites and some new (and GIPHY) emojis, so these familiar, expressive faces are no longer frozen in place. It’s easy to add that perfect amount of sarcasm, enthusiasm, or whatever emotion is needed to a conversation with GIPHY Text’s animated text-based stickers. Using the user’s search term, GIPHY Text is generated dynamically. You can use this content type when you know exactly what you want to say and want to animate your words. We know that many developers want more control over the look and feel of the GIPHY search experience in their app, no matter how well-designed and finely-tuned the templates are. We made a few changes to the mobile SDK to make it easier for developers to integrate GIPHY into their app without having to start from scratch but without having to start from scratch.

You can now use the GIPHY SDK’s grid component to populate a grid of gifs and stickers with search results or trending feeds with the latest release. The part handles all of the content requests from the GIPHY API and the loading, caching, and rendering of images in a grid that you can customize. “Grid-Only” is how we affectionately refer to this component. The rest of the UI is provided and wired up by you to enable the GIPHY experience. We have two options for the SDK user interface: a Grid-Only implementation that allows for endless customization and pre-built templates that handle the entire GIPHY experience. To know which solution is best for your app, read the section below. The templates control all aspects of GIPHY, including obtaining user input and displaying search results. We’ll take care that the rest of your app only shows the GIPHY view (GiphyViewController in iOS, or GiphyDialogFragment in Android). There is a “waterfall” layout to the templates, and they can be customized to use both light and dark color schemes. Take a look at the example app to see how the various customization options work in action. We recommend using grid-based templates only if the templates for your app’s UI aren’t flexible enough. It’s a little less plug-and-play, but you have more control over the design. The grid-based solution necessitates the creation of a custom search field for user input, rules for users to select media types (if applicable to your experience), and updating the grid’s content in response to user interaction or searches. In-App Store Connect, Apple will require developers to disclose information about their app’s privacy practices, including those of third-party partners whose code is integrated into their app.

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