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What is Gist?

WordPress’s Gist app is a one-stop-shop for marketing automation. The Gist application is a must-have to expand your email list, manage contacts and email marketing campaigns. Pop Ups, chatbots, live chat, email marketing, and a contact database are all included in the tool, which can be used to capture leads. You can use Gist to manage your campaigns once you’ve built your email list. Let’s take a look at why you should go with Gist WordPress. Using professionally designed pre-built and opt-in templates, you can create stunning popups. The drag and drop editor tool can also customize them or create a new one if you want. Inline forms, top banners, welcome mats, popup modals, and inline forms are just a few of the options available with GetGist. You can use Gist WordPress to add a free live chat widget to your site, giving your customers the most convenient and effective way to communicate with you. GetGist also allows you to create a variety of live chat modules. Sales live chat, support live chat, and an automated chatbot are just a few examples. The tool’s most interesting feature is that it comes with free iOS and Android apps that allow you to keep in touch with your clients while on the go. You can send attractive emails to your contacts with the GetGist integration in WordPress. You can use the email builder to create beautiful and responsive emails and analyze the performance of your campaigns to see how people are responding to them. 

The Gist WordPress function is for you if you want to know which pages are getting more attention and, as a result, converting leads. It will assist you in evaluating the situation and taking appropriate action. You can also use GetGist to perform a variety of tasks. Take, for example, learning about your contacts’ time zones, seeing when a visitor has visited, using page visit analytics to score leads, starting automation when someone clicks on a link, and easily personalizing your content by segmenting it, creating dynamic content. The visual workflow builder is one of the highlights of the two separate automation features. Create custom automation based on hundreds of actions/behaviors, send creative emails directly from the tool, add to (and remove) Facebook custom audiences, and do a lot more to customize your funnel to your liking. The help desk feature can also be fully functional using the live chat feature. Assign tasks to your team, route incoming emails to the “Conversations” tab, and view detailed reports on how well they’re handling the support load. It’s fairly easy to use and understand the linear chatbot creator. Users can create simple bots to answer basic questions, qualify leads, and even set up appointments using this technology. Meeting Schedule is a tool that connects to your Google calendar and allows you to schedule different types of meetings according to your availability. Then, to get the best time for everyone, send a custom meeting link to your prospects or teammates. A knowledge base can be a great way to keep all your data in one place if you have a complicated process (internally or externally). The KB tool in Gist creates a searchable database of your articles in more than 40 languages regularly.

Because Gist has so many different tools, it will be easier to integrate them all, which is a good thing. You and your reps can respond to all of your Facebook messages directly from the “Conversations” dashboard. You can also use Facebook’s Custom Audiences to segment visitors and contacts into those groups to create more relevant ads. Facebook Messenger’s direct messages will be inserted into conversations as well. Stripe can be integrated to perform some cool functions for software tools and eCommerce sites. Salespeople, remote teams, and multi-office brands use Zoom as a video conferencing tool. You can track and use the data gathered from this platform in your marketing campaigns with Gist.

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