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What is givelify?

For nonprofits, churches, and religious organizations, Givelify is a cloud-based solution. Donation management, fundraising, donation automatic bank deposit, campaign management, role-based permissions, and reporting are just a few of the main features. Make contact with your donors. Use our free tools to get them involved. Any donation will get a quick response. Messages to specific givers can be customized. We make it simple for you to send a quick thank you note or a reminder about an upcoming event to your friends and family. With artificial intelligence-powered stats like giving frequency, giving trends, and giving styles, you can see what motivates your givers. Givelithons are designed to be displayed. On a large monitor, pull it up. On a wall, project it. With each contribution, you’ll be able to see your total increase in real-time. 

Givelify’s Analytics Studio, which is free to our member organizations and places of worship, includes all of this and more. With our three-tap giving experience, you can turn people into givers. When a user starts a donation on Givelify, three out of four people who create it finish it. In other places, three out of four people give up on the transaction. They want to learn about and support your work. We make it simple for users to look into causes they are interested in. To find out which organizations they are a part of. Furthermore, 20% of Givelify users give to multiple organizations simultaneously. Embrace the idea of being kind and providing around the clock. Reach out to your supporters where they are. Then go to your website and look at the information on the internet. And that’s even if you’re not in the same place And you’ll be able to pick up your gifts the next day. You don’t have to spend hours converting spreadsheets into your church management system because we’ve done it for you! A standardized report format that divides transactions into envelopes is now available with the click of a button. Your church management system automatically connects the right donation to the right donor. In your Givelify dashboard, you can now assign a donor or fund ID to a donor or envelope. You can easily import donations into QuickBooks Online using Givelify’s QuickBooks Online format. The time you would have spent manually reconciling those reports will now be saved. Are you looking for a form for a church management report that you can import into QuickBooks? Take a look around. You can easily import and reconcile Givelify donations into QuickBooks Online using this format, containing data for each transaction made. What if you only use QuickBooks Online to keep track of your finances? For your convenience, we’ve created a report format. Only what you want to see is shown in this report format. It includes the date of disbursement, the name of the envelope, and the total amount so that you can reconcile your bank account deposits with your donations. We understand if you’d like to take your time getting used to these new reports. You can continue manually reconciling donations with your church management system using legacy reports such as donations and disbursements. You’ll notice that using these reports is much easier than before. It’s easier and faster to print and read the information if you use this new format, eliminating all columns without donations.

You’ll save time and money by using the new import-friendly files, QuickBooks format, and simplified reports, which will help you save time and improve the accuracy of your work each week. It’s critical to integrate Givelify donations into the church’s management or accounting system, but who says it can’t be simple? That’s how it works at Givelify. Givelify goes above and beyond to ensure that all of your personal and financial information is kept safe. All confidential and sensitive data is protected at the point of collection, during transmission, and at rest using industry-reviewed, military-grade encryption standards. Because of the ease of use, Givelify has significantly increased our giving. We now receive donations from all over the country, which would not have been possible without the app. Donation receipts and record-keeping have become much easier with the help of this software. All of the hard work is thrown away by the software. For the price, it’s Agra at the product level. Donors can now give from the comfort of their own homes due to the current pandemic. Donors had to be present to donate the swipe card machine. More people can provide it because of the app’s ease of use on their phones.

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