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What is Gleam?

Gleam is a marketing app that aids in the expansion of a company’s email list, e-commerce store, and Facebook audience. We, unlike other platforms, double-check social network entries (where allowed). It reduces the number of steps required to enter, saves you time, and ensures that your campaign receives more high-quality entries. Allowing users to refer to their friends will help you reach a larger audience. There are more than ten ways to share. Across all campaigns, we’ve fine-tuned our widget to get the best results; our average conversion rate is 36%. Our device can be used in various places, including your landing page, blog, Facebook tab, or one of our simple Hosted Landing Pages. With our stylish Hosted Landing Pages, you can quickly launch campaigns. 

They’re easy to customize to match your branding, and they’re ideal if you don’t already have a website. Allow your fans to enter your Facebook page directly by putting your Competition in a Facebook tab. By triggering a customizable button on any page, your visitors can access your Competition. On any website page, the widget will appear as an overlay. The tab disappears automatically when the campaign is finished. To reach more people in more places, embed our widget directly on your website or share the embed link with partners and influencers. Accept media from any device into your campaigns and display it in a beautiful responsive Gallery or connect to our new Gallery app. Instant Rewards can create unlockable rewards by combining millions of actions in a matter of minutes. The type of reward determines how your incentive is delivered to the user. Then your unlocking actions are set up. More than 40% of users use email and social media to follow brands solely to receive discounts or special offers. You have a complete handle over how you present that offer to your customers with our Rewards widget. With our stylish Hosted Landing Pages, you can quickly launch campaigns. They’re easy to customize to match your branding, and they’re ideal if you don’t already have a website. With our Smart Popup Widget, you can put promotions in front of your users as they browse your site or when they click a call-to-action that triggers it, boosting your conversion rate exponentially. When a user completes an action, send a request to your endpoint. It allows you to send data to an unsupported email provider or integrate your campaign with internal systems. Incentives work for all types of businesses, regardless of what industry you’re in. 

You can use the Rewards widget to achieve any goal you want to achieve. Take charge of your promotions and easily integrate them into any modern CMS or e-commerce platform without the need for specialized technical knowledge. By approving or rejecting photos before they are visible to the general public, powerful curation options allow you to highlight the best content and suppress the rest. The gallery can be styled and then embedded in any website that accepts HTML. It’s extremely adaptable and responsive. Users can vote on their favorite photos, browse galleries, and share content. In the leaderboard section of your dashboard, you can even see the most popular images. Galleries were designed to be displayed in any location and at any size. Your galleries will always look their best, whether you’re viewing them on the go with a smartphone or at home on a large screen. Businesses can easily build an email list and sync it with an email provider to send newsletters, product updates, special offers, or announcements using E-commerce-Capture templates.

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