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What is Glint?

The Glint People Success platform, which is hosted in the cloud, assists companies in increasing employee engagement. Its main feature is pulse surveys, which are sent to employees to determine how they feel about their jobs and the company as a whole. Companies can identify and focus on the key areas that need improvement based on the responses gathered. Employee Engagement, Employee Lifecycle, Manager Effectiveness, Team Effectiveness, Diversity and Inclusion, 360-Degree Feedback, and Glint Perform are all part of the People Success platform. The review’s focus will be on Glint Perform, the software’s most recent module. Glint Perform is based on the premise that employees passionate about their jobs will perform better. It substitutes continuous, high-quality feedback for the traditional annual performance review. Employees can set goals with action plans to help them achieve them. Glint Perform also includes inline coaching tools to assist managers in having productive performance conversations with their employees.

Customizable lifecycle surveys, receptive problem reporting, collaborative improvement plans, and guided team discussions gain insight into the end-to-end employee experience. Compile feedback into heatmaps and flexible personnel reports. Real-time data on adopting the Goals, Conversations, and Anytime Feedback & Recognition features are found in the Insights tool. Users can look at the data for more in-depth analysis and export the information to an integrated HRMS. HR managers can track employee engagement by group and see real-time responses in a reflective dashboard. Employees can publicly recognize their coworkers for good work and seek and give feedback from their coworkers, using the Anytime Feedback & Recognition feature. To figure out what’s most important to teams, compare employee priorities to employee satisfaction. Monitor predictive analytic reporting for attrition and engagement drop-off problem areas and work with employee groups to address them before impacting business outcomes. With the “Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging” program, Company Culture facilitates targeted discussions and diverse leadership inclusion. Encourage equal leadership development opportunities. Identify overarching themes by sifting through thousands of employee responses and comments. To better understand the collective experience, visualize this data in a thought map. For faster reporting and business insights, use proprietary AI-for-HR technology and combine adaptive machine learning with company algorithms. Integrate employee feedback into the daily workflow with popular platforms like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva. Managers and administrators can benefit from LinkedIn Learning to continue their education. Employees can easily create goals that align with the company or team objectives using the Goals feature, and managers can comment on them within the software. Managers can have one-on-one meetings with their employees using the Conversations feature, which includes inline coaching and customizable templates. It also reminds managers to have more frequent conversations with their employees regularly.

Glint is a dependable platform that combines revolutionary technology, modern organizational science, and intuitive design to empower and respond to employees. Its ground-breaking approach has several advantages. Glint enables leaders, managers, and HR teams to use employee feedback as a source of insights for resolving all employee engagement issues. It equips managers and leaders with the tools they need to boost employee engagement and remove common roadblocks to action to achieve better results. Furthermore, Glint’s interactive dashboards make it simple to see the company’s overall health. Every leader can see the engagement results relevant to their roles on the dashboards and gain a holistic view of scores, response rates, and alerts. Managers are critical in creating high-performing organizations. As a result, it’s crucial to arm them with the accurate information, tools, and resources they’ll need to develop and engage people. Glint recognizes this rule and is designed to provide managers with the tools, insights, visibility, and guidance they need to focus on and act on the specific issues affecting their teams. It offers data-driven feedback, frequent team feedback, and customized action plans to help leaders and managers become more effective.

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