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In addition to providing good Team messaging and video conferencing features, RingCentral’s Glip offers a free tier of service that stands out. On the other hand, Glip lacks a few nice features that its competitors have. During the pandemic, email is not a sufficient means of communication. As a result, many small businesses use business messaging apps to communicate with their coworkers. RingCentral’s online team chat app, Glip, has a lot with competitors like Slack, Flock, and Zoho Cliq. You can have real-time or asynchronous conversations with coworkers in a space that favors brevity and directness. Document sharing, a team calendar, To-do lists, and great video calling are also included, all of which add value. Glip also has a great free account level, making it even more appealing. It does, however, lack a few features that we prefer in other chat apps, such as conversation threads. Virtual whiteboarding and meeting features, such as transcription, would be nice to see in its video calling service. Microsoft Teams and Slack remain our Editors’ Choice picks for their excellent flexibility, integrations, and top-notch features. At the same time, Glip is a solid choice for a business chat app.

The next step is to create Teams after inviting people to join. People make their post feeds by forming teams around various conversation topics. You can have groups that represent actual departments within the company, such as Sales and Human Resources, or you can have teams that are more ad hoc, such as Book Club and News. People may be discouraged from forming social groups to discuss non-work-related topics informally if these spaces are called Teams. It depends on your company’s culture whether this is a benefit or a drawback. Glip administrators have a good set of tools for managing teams. They can delete posts, add or remove members, and alter privacy settings. Administrators have the option of making a Team invitation-only or open to anyone who wants to join. They also can prevent others from posting, adding integrations, or pinning items to the shelf. Keep in mind that the administrator of a Team is the one who creates it, but other users can also have access to these features. Glip allows you to send direct messages to others and flag someone’s attention in a post by adding a “@” before their name. Most people will be familiar with the app’s visual cues. Someone with a green dot next to their name is active and online. They aren’t logged in to the account if there isn’t a dot. A white slash with a red dot indicates that they are in the do-not-disturb state. Each member can write a custom status, such as “out sick” or “wrapping up at 3 pm today,” and add an emoji to it, in addition to (but not in place of) this red/green/no dot status. 

Audio calls, video conferencing, and screen sharing are all possible with Glip. Using the video camera icon at the top of the screen, you can call someone from a direct message or a Team. When you start a call within a Team, everyone logged in to the app is notified that they’ve been invited to join. It’s not necessary to enter. You’ll need to download and install RingCentral’s additional software to make and receive calls. The primary way to connect Glip to your Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar will be through the Glip client. Unfortunately, this is a one-way integration that does not allow you to schedule meetings using Outlook or Google Calendar. Starting a discussion, on the other hand, is a breeze. You can create an appointment by simply clicking “Start Meeting” in the scheduling dialog. The first option, Schedule Using, is set to Meeting Info by default, which gives you the necessary meeting information to paste into your mail client so you can send out invites. You can also choose Google Calendar or Outlook, which will ask you to integrate. It’s also nice that Glip has a task tracking feature. You can create your tasks, assign them to others, and narrow down your list of tasks to only the ones you need right now. You can make a task out of a post. It’s not as comprehensive as a dedicated to-do list app. Still, it’s adequate for simple tasks like reminders and other charges. Microsoft Teams is one of the few other Team messaging apps that includes duties. However, using a third-party integration, you can often add task management to other apps. You get them out of the box with Glip.

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