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What is GoCardless?

GoCardless is an online payment system that allows users to easily collect a 1% fee per transaction via Direct Debit. To collect recurring payments from your customer’s bank accounts and settle them in your home country, GoCardless is a global Direct Debit platform that automatically deals with foreign exchange. The following financial institutions are networks of financial institutions that process payments directly from one bank account to another in a country or group of countries using GoCardless. ACH, PAD, Autogiro, and BECS New Zealand are networks of financial institutions that process payments directly from one bank account to another in a country or group of countries using GoCardless. When you open a GoCardless merchant account, you’ll be automatically added to the BACS network.

Customers authorize you to collect bank debit payments from their bank account, such as ACH debit payments in the United States, by setting up their payment details online. Integrate our pre-made payment pages with your existing checkout or customize our pre-built payment pages. Customers can choose their collection dates and payment schedules for bank debit payments, giving them more choice and flexibility (such as ACH debit payments in the US). At the start of the payment schedule, your customers will be notified automatically. You can edit subscriptions with just a click or through your current systems. Customers no need to lift a finger to make upgrades, downgrades, or one-time charges. With GoCardless, you can collect recurring payments from your customers wherever they are. Over 30 countries, including the  Eurozone, Canada, Australia, UK, and New Zealand, offer the local bank debit payment option, such as ACH debit in the US. Our RESTful API is designed to be easy to use and integrate with your business. It requires little time and effort to set up and connect. Easily embeddable, best-in-class, customizable checkout flow on your website. Over 30 different languages are available. Optimized for a better conversion rate. With pre-built payment flows and automated notifications for over 30 countries, you can start using GoCardless right away. 

Your customer authorizes you to collect payments by Direct Debit by securely entering their payment information online. You can either link to the secure payment page on your website or send them a protected link. By linking GoCardless to your existing invoicing software, you can schedule one-time or recurring payments using our dashboard or set up GoCardless to “pull” amounts automatically on invoice due dates. Because GoCardless uses Direct Debit, charges are automatically withdrawn when they are due. To automate reconciliation, you can also connect GoCardless to your accounting software. All payments will be visible to you in full. At the first time of asking, they collected 97.5 percent of revenues successfully. Sit back and let Success retry payments on the best day to collect from each customer if a payment fails. Instant confirmation, account top-ups, one-time charges, and first-time fees are simple and quick. Designed to complement bank debit and based on open banking. Use our pre-made payment pages, create your white-label pages, or integrate with your existing checkout system to get started. You can create and manage one-time payments, subscriptions, and installments with simple API requests. There’s no need to download and parse reports if you use webhooks to receive event notifications. This internationally recognized international standard has been fully audited and certified across our business, services, and products. To help protect and respect personal data, the GoCardless global data risk management program is built to strict GDPR standards and uses privacy best practices. Google Ventures and Salesforce Ventures have invested in GoCardless, which processes more than $13 billion in annual revenue. In a single integration, we handle the complexities of bank debit across more than 30 countries.

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