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What is Gong?

Gong is a contact center platform that boosts agent efficiency and customer service skills. “It enables team leads and managers to assist agents in improving and implementing sales training.” Users prefer it for several reasons, including its robust integration capabilities, ease of use, and excellent customer service. Somehow, it lacks a few features to elevate it and make it more comprehensive. In addition, some users find the implementation process to be intimidating and time-consuming. 

Gong’s Revenue Intelligence platform records your customer interactions using phone, web conferencing, and email. It also analyzes what was said and helps your team close more deals. Learn how companies like LinkedIn, HubSpot, Pinterest, and Twilio use Gong to close more deals, increase rep success, and gather crucial market data. Gong analyzes all of your customer-facing interactions, including phone, email, and web conferencing, to provide your team with the necessary information to close more deals. With autonomous insights that guide your people, you can get your teams to reality-based performance right now. As a result, they are better aligned across the organization. To protect customer data, combine enterprise-grade features like GDPR, application security, data center, network security, and more with comprehensive audits of applications, networks, and systems. Get unprecedented visibility into customer desires and drive efficient decision-making across the business with the deal, market, and people intelligence. To avoid sales going south, bring all of the interactions across exchanges together in a single view and quickly understand pipeline health. Get complete visibility into sales behaviors and deal-closing skills by taking advantage of all coaching opportunities. Internal employees are relieved of training new hires and assessing sales-readiness. To understand pipeline health and stop sales declines, see every interaction across individual deals in a single, unfiltered view. Increase close rates by identifying risks with the help of AI. Collaborate on an agreement with the entire team to ensure a smooth handoff after the sale. Get access to large-scale knowledge transfer and keep the whole group informed about the most recent transaction. Analyze the top performer’s unique skills and abilities, and improve the selling skills of the entire team. 

To provide personalized coaching to agents, get real-time visibility into manager and sales rep activity, and extract complex data on the team’s performance vs. industry benchmarks. Capture all interactions and deliver insights into best and worst practices to get closer to the market and buyers. Capture the customer’s voice and words to learn more about their thoughts on the product. SOC2 Type II compliance provides a third-party attestation report covering availability, security, privacy, and confidentiality, keeps client data private, and reduces the chances of an information breach. Integrate the revenue intelligence platform of the product with the organization’s existing systems. Gong works with the following types of users and organizations: mid-sized businesses, small businesses, enterprises, freelancers, non-profits, and government. Gong assists during business hours and online. Accord, Aircall, Amazon Connect, BlueJeans, Brainshark, ChaseData CallCenterNow, CallRail, Clari, ClearSlide, ConnectAndSell, Vonage Contact Center, DataGrail, Demodesk, Dialpad Talk, Conquer, Digideck, Microsoft Dynamics 365, e4enable, Five9, FrontSpin, Fuze, Google Workspace, Genesys Cloud, and Google Meet, among others.

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