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What is GoodDay?

GoodDay is cloud-based project management, product management, task organization, progress tracking, and collaboration platform designed to assist businesses of all sizes manage project planning, product management, task organization, progress tracking, and collaboration. Users can view, plan, schedule, and execute tasks using the platform’s interactive dashboard. A process/task manager, customizable workflows, data import and export, reports, analytics, events and milestones, kanban board, scrum points, role-based permissions, and a drag-and-drop interface are the platform’s main features. Users can customize workflows with unlimited work hierarchies and an agile board that gives them a complete picture of all tasks, projects, assignments, and teams. With customizable and shareable request forms, team members can collaborate across departments. GoodDay’s time and task tracker, work scheduler, daily timesheets, and project time reports help users keep track of their progress and tasks. Users can export and import files in various formats, including CSV and PDF. Google Drive, Dropbox, G Suite, Slack, Gmail, and Google Calendar are among the third-party apps that the platform integrates with.

GoodDay brings together team management principles and best practices with cutting-edge technology. It encourages transparency throughout the process, allowing users to see individual tasks and high-level overviews. Large screens can be displayed in common work areas to encourage participation, collaboration, accountability, and productivity. The Action Required feature visualizes a timeline that identifies the team member responsible for the task’s following action. This encourages accountability and responsibility for the identification and elimination of bottlenecks and the clarification of objectives. The platform also generates automated but customizable reports for projects, departments, and organizations. A business intelligence module in the project management software is helpful for decision-makers. It gives a high-level view of activities and uses real-time data analytics to help improve estimates, forecasts, and progress. As a result, users can examine processes, gain insights, and formulate well-informed strategies. It has a time tracking module that can track time both manually and automatically. Users can use time reporting tools and the business intelligence module to generate automatic estimates. GoodDay also has connections to devices that users are already familiar with. It integrates well with Google’s email and calendar services. It includes data and file encryption, authentication, centralized user management, and a roles-and-permissions-based system, among other security features. They’re kept in secure data centers, with backups and audits performed regularly. Subtasks, subprojects, dashboards, Gantt charts, progress boards, notifications, advanced search, and other features are also available.

GoodDay’s pricing model is based on a freemium model that includes all modules and features. The Free plan includes unlimited projects, advanced analytics, and standard support for up to 50 users. The Professional plan costs $5 per user per month. It contains 51 to 250 users and all of the Free plan’s features plus 3rd-party integrations and dedicated support. There is also a custom Enterprise plan accessible. GoodDay is visual project management, product management, and work management platform for collaborative teams. It can be applied in different industries. Still, it’s especially useful in high-tech companies, agile businesses, and small businesses with a knowledge-based workforce. The ideal user for the GoodDay work management platform is a modern-day, information-age knowledge team worker. It’s a system that integrates management science and positive psychology with cutting-edge technology. It encourages collaboration among teams, includes automated and intelligent tools to reduce administrative work, and emphasizes transparency and accountability through a visual interface.

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