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What is Google Groups?

First introduced in February 2001, Google Groups was the first web-scale discussion forum service. The launch of this online forum resulted from google’s acquisition of Deja News in January 2000. Today, Google Groups is a free service for communities of interest to share information and engage in group conversations. It features group archiving, email notifications for new messages, subscription management, moderation tools, and a customizable user interface. Google Group keeps you in touch with people who interest you. You can use it to discuss anything from Python programming to 1970s pop music with like-minded people from all over the world. With Google Groups, keep in touch with family and friends, meet others with similar interests, or explore new topics that pique your curiosity. Search for groups that match your interests. Find the latest discussions in a group or ask a question. Google Groups makes it easy to discover, join and participate in online groups related to your interests. It’s easy to set up a group, invite members, and add information and photos. Our privacy features let you control what others can see, share, post, or delete—no matter who posts it.

We keep complete archives of each Group and make it easy to search through past messages. The Google Groups service provides access to Usenet newsgroups through either a shared user interface or a Web-based interface to a Usenet archive. To create an account, you provide an email address. Giving this address to a non-Google mailing list will cause your account to be added to the appropriate group, giving access to your posts to other members of that mailing list. For example, if gave his Google mail address of to a Usenet newsgroup, his messages would appear in the newsgroup and be visible to all the group subscribers. To be removed from a mailing list, one must unsubscribe (or “opt-out,” if that option is provided) using the same procedure for joining that group. Google Group allows you to create a list of users with whom you want to share thoughts and, in this way, to communicate. The method of communication is the traditional discussion forum.

By subscribing to a Google Group, an email message will be sent to each user included on the list. The messages are grouped in a thread, meaning that all messages sent by registered users on a particular topic are listed as responses. Google groups offer you a dynamic set of tools to communicate with people who share your interests. All you need is a web browser, email account, and a free Google account to participate. Think of it as the online version of a bulletin board. It allows you to post messages and respond to other people’s posts from anywhere in the world and discuss many topics. The conversations are archived so that everyone can read them, search them, and respond to them from anywhere. Google Groups brings a lot of great features together in one place. Gather, share and join groups to discuss over 3 million topics. Mingle with people inside and outside your company, post announcements, and chat with other members. It’s all free!

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