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What is Google Hangouts

Hangouts began as a part of Google+, but in 2013, Google started combining features from Google+ Messenger and Google Talk into Hangouts, making it a different product. Google has also begun to integrate Google Voice, its Internet telephony service, into Hangouts, claiming that Hangouts represents “the future” of Voice. Google Hangouts lets you easily connect with friends and family, both across computers and devices.

Say “hello” to your loved ones by sharing photos, sending video or voice messages, chatting face-to-face with up to 10 people, or connecting instantly with HD video calls, or even seeing what they’re up to on Google Maps—all in real-time. With theme colors, emoji, and customizable pics for your Hangout, it’s easy to bring your conversations to life. You can even share photos and videos right from the Hangouts app. Plus, get access to special Google Hangtags for your blog or website by adding our free Google Tag Manager script to your site. You can also break the ice with games like Words With Friends and Crazy Egg or share your thoughts with a group using Google’s built-in tools. Start your free 30-day trial of Google Hangouts™ today.

Hangouts works on Android, iPhone®, iPad®, and browsers – and all your conversations are automatically saved. Hangouts, the default SMS app on the Nexus 5, is integrated with a text message sending and receiving function in Android 4.4. When downloading the updated version of Hangouts from Google Play, users on other Android phones can select to open the SMS function. On the left side, SMS chats are displayed in a drawer. GIF support is also included in the update and a new location-sharing option that allows users to transmit their GPS location to their friends. You can also use your camera to video chat with one or more friends at once, without having a phone number for them. When you’re using Hangouts in a browser, it works on all computers you’ve signed into Chrome with the same Google Account. Your most important conversations happen in one place via Hangouts on ZOHO, Google+, Gmail, SMS, and your phone. When you switch between devices, your conversations move with you so that you can pick up where you left off easily and seamlessly.

As hangouts are becoming popular, they need to be taken care of. A hangouts master is the best person to handle this. Hangouts is a web conferencing application that makes it possible for people across different parts of the world to have a meeting. Mastering hangouts help you become a social leader in your organization. Hanging out is becoming a trend among office-going people. It helps in raising the level of co-operation and encourages discussions among co-workers. You can also talk to your team members through Google hangouts. The demand for skilled professionals to take over from the regular workers is increasing day by day. People doing a job that is already present as software or service may use specific skills and technology to get better results. In some instances, you would like to be in a position to overcome an opponent and rule the game.

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