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When combined with OpenTextTM Media Management, OpenTextTM HightailTM allows marketing teams and their external partners to share and cooperate on digital content more efficiently without requiring collaborators to have a Media Management license. As the single source of truth and combined digital advantage repository, digital assets reviewed and accepted in Hightail seamlessly coordinate back to Media Management. OpenText Hightail is a creative review and approval technology solution for marketing and creative teams creating compelling visual content. Hightail is a cloud-based solution that permits groups to share files and approve content all in one place, streamlining the creative process and ensuring that marketing campaigns are delivered on time. Hightail is a program that removes all concerns about sending large files and receiving annoying bounceback. It’s the “professional way to send large files.” Hence, it’s perfect for professionals and freelancers in graphics-intensive fields like architecture, media and entertainment, legal, advertising and marketing, and creative services. The solution, formerly known as YouSendIt, has evolved into a robust collaborative software brand today. You can securely send large files up to 10GB and store them online indefinitely. Password protection, file tracking, and other security features allow you to control who can see your work on Hightail. You can assign roles to edit and update your files when sharing files and folders with clients or colleagues. You can also email large files directly from your desktop using the Hightail Outlook plugin or Hightail Express. You can also access your files from wherever utilizing the software’s mobile apps (Android, iOS), even when you’re not connected to the internet. Plus, if you change your file on your phone or tablet, they are automatically updated when you return to your desk. 

Send large files quickly to any team member, access your files on your computer or mobile to sign and send,  wherever they are, Can use Outlook & SharePoint to send large files, Use your phone or tablet to access, share, and upload files, Auto-update on other devices when you change your file, apply password protection for your files, Track sent and transferred files to users, Intuitive user interface. Typically, one person is responsible for ensuring that all project stakeholders’ feedback is accounted for and actionable. Feedback obtained through these channels is frequently ambiguous and easily misinterpreted. By keeping everybody on the same page during digital content reviews, Hightail helps teams avoid miscommunication. Users of the Media Management system can start approval workflows directly from the DAM system. Reviewers can see the work and leave detailed feedback without downloading the files using file and stream previews. Multiple reviewers’ comments are collected in real-time next to the file preview. Creative teams receive automatic updates, including specific video and audio files timecodes. Version control ensures that reviewers leave feedback on the most recent file. Thanks to clearly marked approvals and routing, teams can tell when content is complete.

Finding the time for everyone involved in a project to get together and discuss the work stymies progress and slows momentum. Even when collecting feedback outside of meetings, the process can be delayed by an inbox full of messages. Allowing stakeholders to access content and provide feedback on their own time while contributing to a single record system is made possible by enabling review and approvals in the cloud. The entire review process moves faster and can lead to fewer rounds of revisions per project when comments are recorded directly on the digital asset. Hightail then syncs the final assets back to Media Management, the centralized digital asset repository. Hightail manages all digital asset collaboration and review tasks, so team members always know what action to take and when to take it. The @mention feature makes it simple to communicate with project stakeholders. Everyone seeing the project can see the status of these tasks and requests, including resolved, pending approval, and approved items. Team members can assign to-dos, follow-ups, and route approvals with due dates.

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