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What is info:HR?

info:HR is a full-featured HR software designed for large companies and small businesses. info:HR specializes in end-to-end Web App solutions. Time Off Management, Self Service Portal, Compensation Management, Recruitment Management, and Time & Attendance Management are all included in this online HR system. info:HR, a high-quality HRIS, was created by HR Systems Strategies. info:HR connects to payroll, scheduling, and other systems and includes web-based modules for timesheet entry, employee/manager self-service, and other tasks. info:HR is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and adaptable solution. Info:HR is used by over 300 companies in the health care, manufacturing, and other industries to simplify HR administration.

The vendor has over 20 years of experience in the HR software market, which developed in 1991. Repetitive tasks are automated, allowing HR professionals to focus on more critical aspects of their jobs. Manager and employee self-service functionality will enable them to access pertinent personnel data without contacting HR. Short implementation and learning curve ensure that all employees are quickly up to speed. Info:HR can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. Third-party systems like payroll and time and attendance are integrated. info:HR has features that can assist businesses in automating their workflows. The Flag feature, for example, keeps track of custom new hire checklists and flags any items that need to be reviewed. The What’s Missing feature also notifies the user of any tasks that aren’t completed. The G/L Distribution feature, on the other hand, distributes employee costs across multiple general ledger accounts. Users can also make bulk updates, such as adding learners to a course using the software. Finally, HR can access all relevant data on an employee’s record from a single screen. info:HR has a powerful reporting tool that includes a database query, customizable reports, and a library of more than 200 reporting templates for various metrics. HR can share information with the team that is relevant to them, such as the labor costs report. Department managers can get permission to pull the info they need without going through HR. Employees can manage their sick and vacation leave, request time off, and update their personal information. Managers have the right to approve or reject an employee’s request for time off. Managers can monitor employees’ attendance, hours worked, overtime, and more and track time off. It allows for an unlimited number of policies and agreements to be customized. 

Job candidates can fill out a web-based application as part of the recruitment process. When a candidate is hired, the hiring information is automatically added to the HR database, eliminating duplicate data entry. HR can monitor an employee’s disciplinary history, including the severity of each warning, using the performance management module. Performance reviews, for example, can be attached to an employee’s record. HR can also set up alerts for upcoming events, such as the next performance review date. The G/L Distribution feature, the ability to manage multiple positions and complex employee agreements, overtime tracking, and employment equity tracking are all included in the compensation management module. As a result of salary changes, new payroll numbers are automatically sent to the company’s payroll software. Benefits administration streamlines the benefits process by allowing HR to define benefit types for the entire team instead of just individual employees. Employee deductions (such as health insurance premiums or retirement) are automatically sent to the company’s payroll system when HR integrates with third-party benefits providers. Tracking certifications and license renewals, creating customizable training plans for each employee, identifying skills requirements for each position, conducting gap analyses, and managing required courses by place, date, or department are all part of learning development and succession planning. Health and safety features in info:HR includes customizable legal safety forms and tracking safety purchases such as work boots and glasses. Online timesheets for capturing employee time data and time data approval workflows for payroll processing are included in the software. The info:HR database is populated by converting existing client HR data using a standardized import utility. A series of live training sessions follow it. These sessions are delivered via the Internet and are intended to cover all setup/configuration options and module navigation and use.

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