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What is JustLogin?

JustLogin is a one-stop-shop for all things HR. Payroll, Leave, Time & Attendance, Claims, and more are all available on our platforms. We believe that HR should be straightforward; you should spend less time worrying about administrative details and more time focusing on improving your employees’ well-being. We’ve been working tirelessly for the past 18 years to provide HR professionals with HR solutions that are comprehensive and simple to use, set up, and maintain. It’s a full-featured HR software aimed at agencies and businesses. JustLogin offers end-to-end solutions for Windows users. Mobile Access, Performance Management, Self Service Portal, Offline Time Tracking, and Time & Attendance Management are all included in this online HR system.

Our applications add value to businesses of all sizes and industries by streamlining administrative work processes and communication channels, resulting in significant increases in employee productivity and office efficiency. JustLogin’s suite of applications will transform your company into an intelligent enterprise with total ease and affordability, from payroll automation to mobile time attendance to leave and claims management. Pricing for JustLogin is comparable to that of leading competitors in the Human Resource Software market. It is determined by the number of employees in an organization and the scale of the organization’s operations. JustLogin pricing starts at $5 per user per month, but you’ll need to contact the vendor for more pricing information. A potential user can use a demo version of the human resource software to understand the software better. Its free demo includes all of the features of the paid version. It will aid users in gaining a better understanding of the software. You will gain a seamless experience while managing your organization’s payroll with integrated tools with the software. Easily prorate your leave entitlements based on the information you provide. Without any hassles, syncs an employee’s leaves and marks the carry forward numbers. Easy access to this data while on the go and data entry using only a photo. Changes to the expense sheet and the audit trail of the sheets are tracked. Maintain an audit history to get a complete picture of the employee’s benefits. Document attachment is simple to maintain a better employee benefits account.

Our most recent employee data management portal includes impressive access level configurations, allowing you to centralize all of your employee data and eliminate clutter. You can also now digitize hard copy P-Files and upload them to our Files and Notes feature, allowing you to access them from the convenience of your own home securely. Transport Expenses will enable employees to manage their travel expenses better. Enter the distance traveled, and your mileage expenses will be calculated automatically using preset rates per km or mile. Employees can also use Transport Expense to track their claims using maps, GPS, odometer, and distance. safeClock, a contactless temperature scanner, attendance tracker, and door access all in one, allows you to clock in safely to work. It is integrated with JustLogin’s HR Management system, designed to centralize employee information while monitoring the Ministry of Health’s SafeEntry Management System. Furthermore, JustLogin recently launched a Shared Device feature that benefits co-working spaces and multi-entity locations. This exciting feature eliminates the need to purchase a separate device and allows you to share it with other entities. All organizations must use JustLogin and sign up for our SafeClock module. Have you ever missed important dates or been overburdened with notifications? Don’t worry; JustLogin’s Custom Notification can help avoid information overload. Custom Notification allows you to tailor your messages to specific criteria, timing, and recipients. You won’t be inundated with notifications any longer! Custom Reports in JustLogin will enable you to tailor reports to your specific requirements! You can now customize cross-module reports with nearly all of the data available in JustLogin, in addition to the system’s standard information. JustLogin is your one-stop-shop for HR solutions. Throughout 2021, we’ve developed five new strategies to assist you with all of your HR needs. Sign up for JustLogin today to take advantage of all of these HR systems have to offer!

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