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What is Kazoo?

Kazoo is a comprehensive employee engagement system that integrates engagement, performance, and recognition into a single, scalable platform. It combines employee engagement surveys, continuous performance management, and real-time recognition and rewards to help companies create purpose-driven workplace cultures while increasing retention, productivity, and profits. Kazoo improves the employee experience by providing everything you need to build a connected culture, high-performing, despite what device they use or where your employees work. Kazoo is a single platform that combines feedback, conversations, goals and OKRs, incentives, and recognition. Your employees will be more engaged, your managers will be better leaders, and your company’s productivity will skyrocket with Kazoo. 

Kazoo is a user-friendly platform that combines employee rewards and recognition with engagement and performance management. This three-pronged approach enables People teams to work with a single vendor who can share data seamlessly across all three modules. They see over 80% of their employees using their platform at least once a month on the rewards side. They also have a 90 percent customer retention rate. The company was formed when YouEarnedIt and HighGround merged. Through features like pulse surveys, social recognition, peer-to-peer feedback, continuous check-in conversations, and employee-driven goals, their software improves the manager and employee experience by aligning and connecting enterprises. You can customize Kazoo’s user-friendly tools to meet your company’s employee engagement goals. The platform provides personnel insights that help you understand your company’s health and foster a positive work environment. Leading companies such as Allianz, Echo Global Logistics, and Patagonia, among others, use this platform to motivate their employees to reach their potential, resulting in increased productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction, as well as increased profits. Kazoo is built on a mobile, cloud, and data visualization foundation. It can be accessed from any device, allowing for interactivity from anywhere. Your company can use it to improve performance management by providing ongoing feedback and coaching and to boost company culture, using real-time rewards and recognition. Using “people” data and pulse surveys, learn about employee opinions and sentiment.

Kazoo’s team creates a customized implementation plan and account set up for you and admin and employee training. To use the Employee Experience Platform, you must also purchase onboarding services. These one-time costs will transform your workplace and allow you to get the most out of your software purchase. Our employee experience platform’s powerful dashboards and reports provide HR admins and managers with insights into activities and employee adoption across the company. You don’t need to wait until you get back to your computer to give or receive feedback, whether it’s praise for a job well done or suggestions for improvement. For completing goals and participating in company programs, claim incentives on the go. With mobile access to Sync-Ups, you can have conversations whenever and wherever you want. Integrate Kazoo with your employees’ workflow and HR systems. Kazoo’s employee experience platform integrates with your existing tools like Slack, Outlook, Gmail, and all popular HCM/HRIS platforms, using off-the-shelf integrations, SFTP, or our API. Managers can collect real-time, continuous feedback from their employees to drive engagement. Still, managers and peers can also give performance reviews using Kazoo. Individual, team, and company goals and OKRs can all be defined in Kazoo, ensuring that everyone is working toward the same goals. A social media-like activity feed connects everyone in the company. Employees can follow, tag, and add emojis and images to each other’s posts. With an extensive employee rewards catalog that includes experiences, company swag, gift cards, charitable donations, and other perks, custom incentives cater to every type of motivator.

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