Focos - Keep Calm and Work from Home

Keep Calm and Work from Home

Keep Calm and Work from Home

A SaaS platform which enables your business critical communication and tools to remain in one place, your teams will stay productive no matter where they’re working from:

  • Align teams quickly
  • Collaborate from anywhere
  • Track team productivity

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Align teams quickly

Be aligned and more productive together. When all of your business-critical tools and communication is in one place, you can drive results from anywhere. Enable your team to work with less distractions and context shifting.

On average a person is distracted 56 times a day, they spend 2 hours a day recovering from them – Atlassian

Collaborate from anywhere

Ensure your work from home teams have the right platform to remain productive, whilst in a home environment. Provide increased security around workspaces that may be compromised with family sharing.

Remote ready in a day

When your company’s mandated apps and tools are in the same place, existing and new team members are on the same page. Enabling teams to communicate and collaborate as effectively as possible.

Track team productivity

Keep your team engaged and productive, insights into which apps are being consumed and not by which team members. Whats trending in use, where are teams spending their time collaborating, communicating or doing something else.

Helping to reduce your software spend

Helping companies reduce their software spend by 20% a year or 10% at the very least is possible when you understand what is not being consumed and can see trends.

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30% of all software spend in all companies goes underutilised every year – Gartner

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