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What is Keka?

Keka is a platform for managing employee experiences and the only employee-centric HR and payroll software. They are a modern new generation software focused on user experienceThe critical activities for any employee-centric company are HR, Payroll, and Talent Management. These activities should be handled by a professional. You don’t have to look any further than the Keka HR Payroll Platform. Keka is one of India’s most innovative payroll systems. This software solution provides a fully integrated and unified workflow that makes payroll processing a breeze. One of the best features of this software solution is its ability to manage and nurture talent. Keka enables you to collaboratively automate all core HR operations, allowing you to focus on higher-level HR activities. The highlight of this software solution, which combines modern and traditional methods, is the ease with which employees and HR teams can use it. It is best suited for Indian companies because it was created with an Indian employee perspective in mind.

Keka offers an all-in-one payroll solution that complies with all regulations. It performs calculations and generates all of the necessary forms and files in one click. On a single screen, you can see all of the data, activities, and processes required to run payroll. With tools like activity tracking, offer management, and mobile-friendly job pages, the platform allows your company to conduct talent acquisition tasks. Each interview stage is customized, and scorecards are created for evaluation purposes. Offers, recent activity, total candidates at each location, upcoming assignments, and more are all displayed on a single screen. Real-time tracking, overtime calculations, attendance rules, RFID, facial recognition, and other features are all supported by Keka. Users can see their average hours worked per day, assigned shifts, visual bar graphs of gross hours worked each day, on-time vs. late arrivals, and more on an attendance dashboard. Leave Manager allows you to organize approval workflows, create various leave policies, set floating holidays, and accruals at multiple intervals. Processing at the end of the year is as simple as clicking a button. Employees can see who else has applied for leave and who has been approved for the same time when using for a break. Per diem payments, mileage rate setup, expense policies and approvals, cost centers, and receipt capture are all capabilities. Employees can submit multiple claims and track their progress until they are reimbursed. Users can upload and manage their education, identity, work experience, and more using document management. Employees can enter time in three steps using timesheets by selecting the project and task associated with their work. Based on shifts and leaves, the software automatically generates a view of each employee’s workweek. When timesheets are submitted, notifications are sent out, and timesheets are exported in CSV or PDF formats for sharing. Keka currently supports over 50 payrolls and leave reports. Requests, carryovers, adjustments, balances, and comp off requests are all included in leave reports. You can see the current salary structure, monthly headcount, financial information, expense claims, YTD for all employees, and more in the payroll section. It also contains over 20 reports on income tax, provident fund, professional tax, and state insurance for employees (ESI).

Employee information is saved in a single, secure database that can access from anywhere. Keka can be set up in various ways to meet your company’s needs. Days off, gratuity, salary structure, types of leave, and HR management fields are all configurable. A wizard will walk you through the various aspects of an employee’s departure. You can manage information about the notice period, loans and arrears, gratuity, and leave encashments, among other things. The system generates a statement with a summary of all receivables and payables. The platform’s goal management feature allows you to facilitate employee goal-setting while staying on track with company goals. It employs the OKR (objective key result) model and provides real-time goal updates. The software is intended to assist employees with tax declarations to save as much money as possible. The tax optimizer tool covers housing, insurance, investments, and salary allowances. Finance guides are also included in the system to educate employees on the best options. You can use pre-made templates and review questions based on best practices. Keka assigns an overall rating to each employee based on feedback from coworkers, managers, and other sources. Studying company values is also made easier with the performance management component. It also allows you to assign tasks to enable employees to demonstrate specific skills to be evaluated. The time-consuming nature of review administration is eliminated by automation. Employees and managers are reminded of pending tasks at each stage of the process by alerts. A summary dashboard shows where each employee is in the review process, who the review is awaiting, and what actions need to be taken, among other things. Employees can log in to access and change their information through the Keka employee portal. Employees can use their Google or Office 365 accounts to log in to the system. Almost all businesses from all over the world use Keka’s services. Its clients are automotive, professional services, technology, media and entertainment, education, and retail.

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