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What is Kin?

Kin is a simple way for your small business to manage its human resources. Get rid of the spreadsheets (no offense, spreadsheets). Kin can help you manage onboarding, employee data and files, time off, employee performance reviews, objectives, and more in web-based software that your entire team will enjoy using. Less paper, fewer emails, less wasted time, and happier people result. You can start using Kin right away, and there is no software to install. Kin HR is in charge of various tasks, including business, projects, and people. Employee onboarding, data and file management, time off, employee reviews, feedback, and objectives are all included in its modules. Companies that use it can reduce paperwork, delegate tasks, and save time, which leads to increased employee retention, productivity, and satisfaction. The platform proactively puts data to work, making it a valuable, helpful resource.

Kin HR software has impressive features such as ease of use, project management services, expense management services, a well-developed employee database, a secure document management system, and workers can quickly request time-offs and leaves, regular reporting and support, users can easily integrate with email services, payroll management services that improve reimbursement in the company, employee self-service portals, and a robust recruitment system. The New Hire Onboarding Page solution creates personalized welcome pages for all new hires, complete with tasks, paperwork, and workplace information like location, team member bios, start time, and more. The employee onboarding task manager can help users streamline onboarding processes by participating in all team members. All paperwork can be created, signed, stored, and completed digitally. The module also integrates with e-document services providers such as DocuSign for maximum user convenience. With the Team Calendar feature, employees can view all important company events, company holidays, and employee leaves in one place. It also integrates with Google and serves as a primary resource for employees seeking time off. The module includes tools for importing and exporting data. It also connects to executive and payroll reports, allowing users to get the data they need. HR can use the software to help with various leave and time off policies, from leave accruals to bank all at once. Approvals for time off or leave requests are delegated to managers without giving them access to sensitive employee information. Employees have complete access to time off lead, including available balances, previous PTO history, and time-off requests. Users can schedule and delegate employee reviews at all levels of the organization with this solution. Employee feedback is curated by the employee review feature, which promotes greater transparency and honesty in user feedback.

Kin HR facilitates a smooth onboarding process, establishes appropriate expectations, encourages coworker transparency, and prepares new hires to succeed in their roles. These factors work together to improve employee retention. Standard data for all employees, such as addresses and new hire documents, is collected, organized, and maintained by the solution. It centralizes this data for easy access and includes custom tabs for capturing team-specific data. Employee feedback, both immediate and ongoing, aids in aligning efforts to increase overall profitability. With tools like a calendar, employees can more easily stay aligned with and dedicated to individual and team goals, achieving objectives. Users can create digital signatures, store and access employee data online, and more, reducing paperwork.

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