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What is Linkedin Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is another version of LinkedIn that is tailored to salespeople. LinkedIn Navigator will help you better understand, target, and engage with buyers by leveraging the power of a 500 million-member network. LinkedIn has free and paid versions. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s paid sales solution, with paid licenses available for recruiters, job seekers, professionals, and sales reps. It’s a sales management tool that aims to make it easier for sales reps to tap into LinkedIn’s vast network and, as a result, land more (and better) deals.

Premium features in Sales Navigator are pretty impressive. The professional plan has 20 InMail messages per month, 1,500 saved leads, advanced leads, company searches, custom lists, lead and account alerts, and notes and tags. For salespeople on the lookout for information, InMail is a must-have feature. LinkedIn’s free version does not allow users to send direct messages to people outside their network. Reps can now reach out to new leads in their immediate network with Sales Navigator. This feature gives salespeople more opportunities to discover and build relationships with leaders in their direct network. Sale reps can use advanced searches, save leads, create custom account lists, and add notes or tags to leads and accounts to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. The Team plan offers everything in the Professional program plus a few compulsory extras like 30 monthly InMail messages, 5,000 saved leads, teamLink, CRM integrations, and 25 monthly out-of-network unlocks. The Team plan includes TeamLink, CRM integrations, and “out-of-network unlocks,” in addition to increased InMail and saved lead limits. Reps can search and view their team’s connections in TeamLink to see who has first-degree relationships with a prospect in the pipeline. Representatives can then reach out to their team members for a warm introduction to the lead, increasing the likelihood of a sale. The Enterprise plan includes all of the benefits of the Professional and Team programs, plus 50 monthly InMail messages, 10,000 saved leads, and TeamLink Extend.

Enterprise plans are for groups of ten or more people. Enterprise subscribers can use TeamLink Extend to expand their TeamLink networks even more, in addition to their expanded InMail and lead lists. Without giving everyone a full Sales Navigator license, companies can use TeamLink Extend to tap into their entire team’s network. 

Sales Navigator works with various popular sales apps and customer relationship management systems. Import your Sales Navigator data into your favorite CRM and get started! It makes managing your pipeline and tracking sales data from a single location even more accessible. The Lead Recommendations suggest relevant leads based on your sales preferences, search history, profile views, and previously saved tips.

It is an excellent feature because it saves reps time by faster filling their pipeline with relevant connections. The beauty of Sales Navigator is that the more you use it, the more data it has to work with to provide valuable insights. Sales Navigator will keep you updated on updates in your network as you search for prospects, save leads, and make connections. It includes job changes, company updates, relevant contacts, and warm tips. The most helpful feature of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator (Team plan) is the ability to expand your sales reach beyond your direct network. In most cases, you can only see a limited number of profiles from people outside your network. Members of Sales Navigator can “unlock” that data (up to 25 profiles per month) to better understand their leads and form more meaningful connections.

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