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What is Litmus?

Litmus is an email creation, analytics, testing, and collaboration tool that enables marketing teams to boost subscriber engagement and campaign ROI while maintaining brand consistency. Litmus is a marketing team’s email development tool. Marketers of all sizes can use Litmus to create, preview, test, and track their email campaigns. Teams can resell, markup, and add value to their client engagements with Litmus. Teams can use Litmus’ web-based drag-and-drop email editor to create their emails from scratch or choose from a gallery of fully customizable templates. Litmus’ timeline view ensures that any email changes are not lost. Contributors can know who made the changes and when, and they can go back in time at any time.

Users can preview emails in both mobile and desktop modes. At the same time, they’re being created, ensuring that they’re optimized for both dimensions. HTML changes can be made and viewed in real-time, eliminating the need for guesswork. Users can send emails to Litmus for rendering testing after building and previewing them using Litmus’ one-click email testing. Litmus’ comprehensive spam testing then verifies your authentication, IP addresses, reputation. It provides ISP and corporate filters feedback and scores to ensure that your emails make it to inboxes. Litmus’s engagement summary reports to users on open rates and whether emails were deleted, glanced at, skimmed over, or properly read after sending. Users can also see where their emails are opened, thanks to geolocation. Existing email software such as MailChimp, Silverpop, VerticalResponse, CampaignMonitor, and ExactTarget are compatible with Litmus. Litmus also offers cross-browser page testing, allowing users to see how their URLs look in different browsers. Using the Litmus program, you can easily preview how your emails will appear to your clients by creating render tests on SharpSpring’s platform. Litmus is ideal for device testing to ensure that emails look the same on all devices and platforms. We send nearly 10 million emails per month on behalf of our clients, and Litmus ensures that the emails are optimized for all recipients. I also make use of the many different templates that Litmus provides. The templates come in a variety of designs and are simple to use. Litmus has the industry gold standard for SPAM testing, in addition to great render and building tools. The information provided by SPAM tools is critical for increasing deliverability and optimizing email results.

Litmus is the all-in-one, simple-to-use set of tools your team needs to create high-converting emails and get more out of your marketing. Connect to your ESP, and we’ll provide you with a set of powerful tools to help ensure your messages are heard. It has everything you need to cut through the clutter, from pre-send testing to post-delivery data to high-performance insights. Get your emails reviewed, approved, and on their way to inboxes faster than ever before by bringing together distributed teams. Litmus allows your entire team to collaborate, comment, and consolidate feedback in one place. It entails spending less time evaluating and more time innovating. Consolidate dozens of time-consuming pre-send tasks into a single, automated checklist. Litmus allows you to launch new campaigns with a single click. You’ll have everything you need to ensure every email is on-brand and error-free, including codeless building, reusable templates, and task lists that speed up production. Building better emails begins long before you hit “send.”  With Litmus providing the tools you need to strengthen campaigns and segment audiences, whether you work in a team of two or 200. For better conversions and results, build, test, and collaborate—all in one seamless, integrated solution that is remarkably simple to use for everyone in your company. The advantages don’t stop at email. Litmus gives you access to data that you can use across your entire marketing mix. Your entire team will acquire new knowledge that can be applied to all aspects of your marketing, from search to social to paid campaigns

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