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What is LiveHire?

LiveHire is a powerful recruiting tool, employee engagement platform, and applicant tracking system (ATS) that streamlines your entire hiring process and improves your recruitment experience. By engaging job seekers from various sources, you can attract highly qualified candidates, raise your company’s profile with branded career pages, and ensure continued operational efficiency through robust analytics and reporting. LiveHire is available as a cloud-hosted software (SaaS) with a monthly subscription. Because you can access the platform directly from your web browser, you’ll always have the most up-to-date features and functions. LiveHire is the preferred ATS software for businesses of all sizes in various industries in Australia and the United States. Recruitment agencies, telecommunications companies, automobile manufacturers, art institutes, government agencies, food and beverage suppliers, retailers, and hospitality providers are among the LiveHire users.

Artificial intelligence (AI) matchmaking creates and maintains large talent pools to source candidates. The system analyzes your preferences and habits to present you with highly qualified candidates to interview and hire. The AI-powered software finds, gathers, and groups job seekers based on specific roles or skills and keeps a large pool of candidates ready to hire when you need them. Through a thorough pre-screening process, LiveHire eliminates job seekers who aren’t relevant. It frees up your energy and time to focus on the best candidates for your job openings. LiveHire assists you in developing and maintaining personal relationships with candidates. You can improve acceptance rates and reduce time-to-hire by incorporating employee engagement software into your hiring process. Integrations with HR software, social media platforms, and various job boards can significantly improve your recruitment strategy. LiveHire provides a comprehensive marketplace of HR integrations for you to explore, from video interviewing tools to background check providers. Job board integrations increase your brand’s visibility by distributing your single job posting to multiple locations. In contrast, social media compatibility engages job seekers across various social media platforms at once. LiveHire gives you the tools you need to create branded job sites and make a great first impression. Create custom job pages with your company’s colors and logo to attract candidates and increase your application rate. LiveHire makes hiring top talent a breeze by streamlining the entire communication process. The system includes email and texting capabilities and a suite of communication tools that allow you to communicate with your candidates actively. Thanks to detailed communication histories, everyone on your team is on the same page.

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), large corporations, and everyone in between can benefit from LiveHire’s services. Their website, however, does not provide specific pricing information. If you’re interested in purchasing LiveHire, you can reach out to the vendor directly via their website to discuss your company’s needs and schedule a free demo. Candidate engagement tools complement the ATS functionality in LiveHire’s recruiting software. It can be a helpful addition to your hiring toolkit. Still, before you invest in it, you must first determine which features you require from your recruiting software. Compare your list of requirements to LiveHire’s feature set, as well as similar programs’ features and capabilities. When free trials and demonstrations are available, take advantage of them to get a feel for how the software will work for you. LiveHire, which many well-known companies use, provides AI-driven matchmaking and employer branding that raises your company’s profile.

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