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What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS that Microsoft created. It includes calculating, graphing tools, pivot tables, and Visual Basic for Applications, a macro programming language (VBA). It had become the industry standard for spreadsheets for these systems, notably after version 5 in 1993, when it superseded Lotus 1-2-3 as the industry standard. Excel is a program included in the Microsoft Office suite of programs. Microsoft Excel uses a grid of cells arranged in numbered rows and letter-named columns to organize data manipulations such as arithmetic operations. It has several built-in features to help with statistical, technical, and financial issues. It also has a limited three-dimensional graphical display and displays data as line graphs, histograms, and charts. It lets data be divided into sections to see how it is affected by various causes from multiple angles (using pivot tables and the scenario manager). A pivot table is a helpful tool for data analysis that can help you save time. It accomplishes this by using PivotTable fields to simplify big data sets. It features a programming component called Visual Basic for Applications. It allows the user to apply various numerical methods, such as solving differential equations in mathematical physics and then sending the results back to the spreadsheet.

Excel recognizes trends in your data and organizes them to save you time. Create spreadsheets quickly and easily using templates or from scratch, and execute calculations with contemporary formulas. You can obtain a clearer picture of your data with Excel; new charts and graphs let you show your data in engaging ways, and you can use formatting, sparklines, and tables to help you better understand your data. Create forecasts to predict trends with a single click, share your worksheet with others and constantly work on the most up-to-date version for real-time collaboration. Work on an Excel file from a mobile, desktop, or web browser with Microsoft 365. An Excel application may poll external databases and measuring instruments regularly using an updated schedule, evaluate the results, generate a Word report or PowerPoint slide show, and e-mail these presentations to a list of participants. Excel was never meant to be used as a database. Excel for the Web is a free, lightweight version of Microsoft Excel that is included with Office on the Web, including web versions of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Most of the functions accessible in the desktop versions of Excel are available in Excel for the Web, albeit it may not be possible to insert or edit them. Certain data connections, particularly charts that utilize these external connections, are not available in Excel for the Web. Excel for the Web also doesn’t support outdated features like macros from Excel 4.0 or dialog sheets from Excel 5.0. There are also minor changes in how some Excel functions operate. You can now input data directly from a photo to Excel. Take a picture of a printed data table with the Excel software on your Android or iPhone smartphone. The image will be automatically converted into a fully editable table in Excel. This unique picture recognition feature eliminates the requirement for hard copy data to be manually entered. Import your financial transactions into Excel to see, organize, and obtain tailored financial insights all in one location.

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