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What is Microsoft Powerpoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation application developed by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin at Forethought, Inc. It was first released on April 20, 1987, designed only for Macintosh computers. Three months after its release, Microsoft paid $14 million for PowerPoint. This was Microsoft’s first significant acquisition, and the company established a new PowerPoint business unit in Silicon Valley, where Forethought had been based. The Microsoft Office software suite includes PowerPoint, which is a presentation program. PowerPoint is one of the most extensively used office programs in personal, academic, and corporate settings. It’s pretty adaptable; you can make your PowerPoint presentations as personal or professional as you like. 

PowerPoint offers a simple user interface that you can pick up quickly. Mastering each of its functions, on the other hand, will enable you to build impressive presentations that will attract your audience. You can alter the appearance and format of the slides using PowerPoint’s design capabilities. PowerPoint usually comes with several pre-installed themes from which to choose. Simple color adjustments to comprehensive format layouts with matching font content are possible. Themes can be used throughout a presentation or only on a single slide. When presenting on a projector rather than a computer screen, the page configuration allows you to optimize the presentation for the display size; for example, you should utilize a more extensive screen ratio when displaying on a projector. Slide transitions and element animation are two types of animation in PowerPoint. Using a slide transition adds an effect when transitioning slides during a slide show. You can change the transition effect and timing and choose whether to transition between slides on-click or automatically.

Element animation gives the things in the slide movement and sound. For example, if you’re making a slide show out of a photo gallery, you may choose which photographs appear first on the slide, how they appear, and whether or not to play a sound while they do so. PowerPoint’s presentation feature is primarily designed to accommodate public speaking. You can add presenter notes beside each slide as supplementary information using PowerPoint’s built-in notes feature when printing out presentation slides. This is excellent for clarifying topics in the PowerPoint without jeopardizing the reading of the slide. You can pre-record narration for a presentation starting with PowerPoint 2007 edition. PowerPoint also features a rehearsal option that allows you or your team to rehearse timing and keep track of how long your presentation is running. PowerPoint works with the other Microsoft Office suite; you can export slides to Word documents or insert Excel charts into your presentation. PowerPoint 2007 has video integration in addition to image and audio capabilities; you may embed videos within a presentation for easy viewing without having to exit the program. You can also upload presentation files to a web interface for multi-user remote modification and practice.  If you take the time to learn what each feature accomplishes, you may utilize it to create presentations that are more likely to engage your audience, your classroom or even move you closer to securing a contract with new clients.

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