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What is Microsoft Sway?

Sway is a presentation tool part of Office 365 and serves as a “digital storytelling application.” A sway is a tool for making corporate reports, presentations, and announcements. It helps users with the ability to create visually appealing, content-rich presentations without the requirement for advanced design expertise. Sometimes people compare Sway to PowerPoint presentations. Although they are both presentation tools, they serve very different purposes. PowerPoint is a helpful tool for presenting information to a group of people. On the other hand, Sway is perfect for delivering things on screen to a single person.

Users need applications on whatever device they’re using, especially as the workforce becomes more mobile. To accommodate this, Sway has optimized for mobile devices. It also has several features that make produced sways appear on a phone or tablet as they do on a computer. Sway is a superior presentation tool thanks to built-in touch-screen friendly interactions, an image focus-point customizer, and mobile previews. And it’s perfect for today’s mobile world. Sway is ideal for conveying a report to a traveling executive or for guaranteeing that everybody, at any time, may access a crucial company statement. It doesn’t matter what gadget they’re using. As a result, Sway’s built-in ability to preserve a created sway as a template for future documents is helpful. You can use this method to semi-automate the creation of recurring documents like sales reports or newsletters. Sway includes a library of pre-made layouts. Plus, you’ll be able to alter them or make your own from the start. It allows you to create a variety of different looks. Alternatively, select the ideal one to match your brand’s identity. Accessibility is simple to ignore yet quite important. Sway features its accessibility mode that allows anyone to use the sways. Screen readers will benefit from features such as adding alternative text to images. Make restructuring pages into a simple layout for individuals with dyslexia. A built-in accessibility checker guarantees that developed sways are easy to use. Sway also offers a set of free recommendations to ensure that sways made by users with dyslexia or vision impairments are accessible. You may also use the accessibility checker to examine the document and identify problems such as poor color contrast. Someone who is colorblind or has limited vision may have difficulty with this.

It’s possible to import a pre-existing document into Sway in addition to writing material natively. It might be anything from a Word document to a Wikipedia topic outline. The document is then broken into its primary components with a headline, titles, body text, images, and tables, and flaunt it in your stance. Sway may then take a step further by adding a few finishing touches. These embellishments, such as text extracts, are purely ornamental. However, they substantially increase the document’s visual appeal. After you’ve imported the document, you can still make changes to make it fit your needs. However, based on my testing, Sway already does a job of presenting imported content. In the cloud, sways manufactured by Sway shops. That is, as long as you have access to the internet and have permission, you can view any information you want. It does have the drawback of preventing you from accessing any sways while offline. Users can use Sway to add content from other sources to their presentations. Flickr, Bing Photos, and Pickit all have a collection of Creative Commons-licensed images. Sway allows you to use them as backgrounds or elements in the design. You can also insert YouTube videos, tweets, and Facebook postings in Sway. Allows for easy viewing and eliminates the need to leave the presentation to access content on another platform. You may also use the swing to embed any pictures or videos you currently have. You can use OneDrive or insert the file directly into your presentation.

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