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What is Nectar?

Employee recognition and rewards with Nectar are the most flexible and cost-effective ways to reinforce great work. Despite not having everyone in the exact physical location, remote workforces can foster a recognition-rich culture with Nectar. Nectar aids in promoting core values that drive positive behaviors and cultivate the habit of gratitude. It also reduces the administrative burden of managing rewards for remote team members, such as sending gift cards or company swag. NO CONTRACTS, NO INSTALLATION FEES, ONLY PAY FOR ACTIVE USERS. Nectar is a Social Recognition & Engagement software that allows businesses to reinforce great work through employee recognition and rewards flexibly and cost-effectively. Give your employees digital gift cards and company-specific rewards as a token of appreciation. Nectar makes it easy to automate special occasions like work anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

The Nectar solution is based on a peer-to-peer recognition system that aligns employee achievements with the company’s core values. Every month, each employee (including managers) receives a point balance that they can use to reward colleagues who go above and beyond. Employees can redeem rewards for Amazon products, gift cards, company swag, charities, and more through Nectar’s extensive reward program. They’ve also added a wellness component. They’re rapidly rolling out high-impact integrations and features like their organizational network analysis tool, which gives HR insight into which teams recognize each other the most. As a reward, you can get company-branded swag on-demand, as well as a wide range of alternatives like gift cards, charities, and so on. Amazon products are available as rewards for accessing millions of options and receiving fast shipping. In-depth analytics that shows you which employees are the most and least active. You can use the organizational network analysis feature to see which teams support other teams. Employee awards (President’s club, month employee) are recognized. Nectar has an unlimited free tier designed to help businesses demonstrate the value of recognition to senior management. Their Standard Plan costs $2.50 per employee per month ($2.75 if paid monthly). It includes key features such as manager-to-employee recognition, Slack/Teams integration, birthday/anniversary recognition automation, and analytics. Customer branding, SSO, HRIS integrations, wellness challenges, and on-demand company swag as a reward option are included in their Plus Plan, which costs $3.50 per employee per month.

Unlimited users and redemptions are included in the free subscription. Small teams and SMBs will love it. Peer recognition, a monthly point allowance, fundamental analytics, and other features are included. Standard: $2.50 per month per ACTIVE user. All of the Core features are included, as well as manager-to-peer recognition, company-specific rewards, automated birthdays and years of service awards, Slack integration, and Teams integration. Plus, $3.75 per month per ACTIVE user. All Core and Standard features are included, including company branding, HRIS and SSO integrations, a dedicated account manager, Swag management, Challenges, and advanced analytics. Enable everyone in your organization to participate in employee recognition based on core values to foster a positive work environment. Nectar’s 360 recognition and rewards platform supports both top-down and peer recognition. Employees at Nectar can choose from Amazon items, branded swag, digital gift cards, and more as part of their rewards program. Make your incentives more centralized by using awards specific to your company or department. Choose from a variety of award types, or create your own. Employees are motivated by challenges to do things that improve their effectiveness and align with your company’s goals. Encourage wellness initiatives, learning and development, goals and OKRS, and community service

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