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What is NEOGOV?

The public sector and education industries benefit from NEOGOV’s cloud-based talent management suite. The suite automates applicant tracking, onboarding, training, and performance management for organizations throughout the employee lifecycle. The Insight applicant tracking system (ATS) from NEOGOV assists organizations in recruiting and hiring candidates and providing compliance reporting. is NEOGOV’s public sector job board, which assists organizations in attracting and hiring qualified candidates. Onboard, NEOGOV’s solution for ensuring new employee readiness from day one is also included in the suite. Perform is a performance management solution from NEOGOV that fosters communication, identifies and promotes employee strengths, and gives employees a sense of purpose. The suite also includes Learn, NEOGOV’s learning management system, which provides tools for improving employee productivity, safety, and retention through engaging training.

For the public sector and educational institutions, NEOGOV provides comprehensive human resource capabilities. Core HR, applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management, learning management, payroll, time and attendance, and e-forms are all included in the SaaS-based suite. It’s appropriate for small, medium, and large companies. With auto-scoring, automation, and built-in capabilities, you can save time during the hiring process. Utilizing application templates, a career page, and integration with background check software reduces manual work. Electronic forms and e-signature for hiring, onboarding, and other processes, eliminates the need for paper in everyday tasks. Using digital paperwork and automating form distribution, submission, tracking, and approval reduce the clutter and chaos of managing physical files. Candidates are automatically screened. It generates weighted scores based on customizable criteria after the screening, testing, and interviewing to show hiring managers which applicants are the best. Over 90 reports are available from ATS Reporting, ranging from standard to advanced to ad-hoc. Dashboards provide real-time information to track metrics such as job health. Timelines for recruitment are also examined. Runs various background checks and integrates with vendors such as AssureHire, CIC Credit, Verified First, Alliance 2020, Checkr, and others. To support compliant hiring, it includes EEOC and FCRA requirements.

Connect with the most popular public-sector job board and access nearly 40 million candidate profiles. Integration with Insight allows you to manage your hiring pipeline from a single location, making it easier to manage job listings and allowing applicants to schedule their interviews. Create processes that can start manually or automatically in workflows. Notifications and reminders are provided. Employees can use the self-service portal to track the status of their forms. All forms created during each employee’s time with the company are stored in Document Management, making records accessible from a central, online location. Employees can request PTO, pay stubs, and make changes to their personal information. Actions that require manager approval start the approval process automatically. Whether for goal-tracking, feedback, or any other reason, continuous feedback entails continuous communication. Scheduled check-ins and tools like journal entries simplify assessing and rating employees’ performance—plans for improving performance are documented at each stage. Sector-Specific Learning Courses provides a catalog of off-the-shelf public-sector courses such as Human Capital, Health and Safety, Public Works, and Law Enforcement. Core HR includes a data management database for employees. Benefits administration connects seamlessly with payroll and time-and-attendance systems. Overtime, 9/80 time rules, retro pays, meal penalties, and future dating are all supported by this program. It can be integrated with accounting software or any company’s general ledger. Organize shifts and schedules according to business requirements. To easily record clock-in and clock-out data, mobile time entry tools, and time clocks connect with digital timesheets, eliminating manual errors and ensuring accurate payroll.

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