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What is Netchex?

Netchex is a cloud-based Human Capital Management system that helps small businesses manage the employee lifecycle from recruitment to retirement. It includes tools for recruiting, hiring, onboarding, payroll and tax compliance, human resources, time and attendance, and benefits. Netchex, as a cloud-based solution, allows users to manage the employee lifecycle from any internet-enabled device at any time. Netchex’s applicant tracking and onboarding system help users streamline the entire hiring process. Users can find and evaluate qualified candidates, conduct background checks, send offer letters, archive resumes, and more using Netchex recruiting technology. Users can manage payroll and tax processes more accurately and efficiently with features like flexible payment options, pre-processing reports and analysis, and compliance management. Users can use automation tools to manage IRS filing and payment withdrawals and view quarterly online tax statements.

Users can manage HR activity more intelligently with reporting and information management capabilities. Compliance reports, salary metrics, labor trend analysis, and performance management tools allow users to gain insight into business and employee performance. Netchex provides users with quick and central access to HR information through a self-service portal. Employees can manage PTO requests, profile information, and benefits from the self-service portal and access employment history, forms, and performance reviews in real-time. Different time collection options (customized web-based clock, timesheet entry, ethernet badge, and biometric devices) and scheduling and labor cost management tools are available to users. Users can gain actionable business insight with customizable fields, templates, and export options in reporting and analytics. COBRA administration, integrated 401(k) solutions, and health insurance management are all aided by benefits management technology. Netchex provides its clients with the ability to manage all three main components of an employee administration framework from any location. Netchex makes the hiring process much easier by allowing you to keep track of each candidate. At the same time, you can find and assess qualified candidates, send offer letters, waitlist CVs, and resumes, and perform historical verifications on them. It also provides an onboarding platform to help speed up the entire interaction. With its dashboard, you can monitor who is working for the company and, if necessary, fire any employees who do not meet its working standards.

With the help of Netchex, you can see a summary of each employee’s overall presentation. It includes keeping track of their working hours and maintaining their involvement with the company. Netchex’s incredible report-creation tools allow you to create personalized reports tailored to your specific preferences. Specially designed fields, formats, and export options are used to conduct research. The job of keeping execution checks is made a lot easier with the feature of inherent adjustable electronic tickets, timesheet passages, biometric devices, ethernet identifications, and numerous other assortment options. Netchex’s primary focus as online payroll software is to assign salaries to employees. It provides a variety of payment and benefits administration check options. Clients of Netchex have access to a self-administration portal. As a result, HR directors’ responsibilities are reduced because employees can monitor their profiles. They have access to their data, including charge retention, benefits, business history, and execution surveys, as PTO requires. However, the most remarkable aspect of Netchex is its outstanding client service team, which is in a league of its own! They keep track of their customers using a customer-based profiling framework that considers their needs and expectations from the item. As a result, each customer receives an explicitly customized service tailored to their specific needs. Another feature that sets Netchex apart from its competitors is its low price. It offers the best value for money, starting at just $12 per month. Finally, Netchex is the best small business payroll software for 2021, allowing you to track your employees from hiring to retirement.

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