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What is Omni Calculator?

By combining 351 different types of calculators into a single tool, Omni Calculator makes it super easy for anyone to solve their everyday math and calculation problems quickly and easily. Omni Calculator is a startup that aims to solve all (hence the name “Omni”) small math problems you may encounter every day. The ease of use and functionality of all of their calculators is unrivaled. They can solve for any variable and work in real-time. You can tell your friends and coworkers about the outcome. With a slick, fully functional calculator widget, they can be used on the web, mobile, or embedded on external websites. NGOs can also use Omni Calculator to help them raise awareness about the problems they’re trying to address. The smog calculator, for example, calculates how many cigarettes you’d need to smoke to inhale the same amount of carcinogenic benzo[a]pyrene as you would if you just breathed in the air in different cities. Gross margin calculators are the most widely used mortgage and percentage calculators, BMI and BMI calculators, concrete and concrete calculators, exponent/compound interest/GPA calculators, and more than 130 other calculators.

We see the world far too often through the eyes of our emotions, feelings, and intuition. In the meantime, a small amount of math can help us solve many of our problems. A house to buy or rent? To boil an egg, how long should it take? Suppose I’m a tad obese. A clear mind, a few minutes, and mathematical formula are all you need to answer these questions. We frequently lack three things, so we rely on our instincts instead. We eliminate every obstacle that stands in the way of you making an informed decision with Omni Calculator. Our numbers make calculations quick, simple, and enjoyable. It is a better place to live in if decisions are made rationally. It’s a world where we waste fewer resources, believe less nonsense, and don’t confuse opinions with facts. We know we’ve barely scratched the surface despite solving five million problems every month. There are more people to reach out to and more math to be completed. So we’re constantly adding to our collection of calculators and will continue to do so until we’ve met every conceivable need. 

Recently, if you want to solve a math problem, you’ll have to use a spreadsheet or a calculator app. We want to become a go-to tool that decodes math problems for everyone on the planet by combining the former’s simplicity with the latter’s comprehensiveness. We’ll create calculators that are tailored to your needs, whether you’re a college freshman, a carpenter, an athlete, or a high-profile manager. Today’s default calculator still assumes you’re familiar with arithmetic and know the necessary formulas. It’s past time for everyone to be able to solve these issues. In 2011, it all started with a hobby experiment. Our founder, Mateusz Mucha, designed a web calculator that could calculate in any direction, with no fixed input or output. Percentage Calculator, a mobile app based on this original feature, was added to the mix. After spending $80 to translate the app into fifteen different languages (Mateusz spent more than that), the app gained traction quickly, with over 4 million downloads so far.

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