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What is Onblick?

Onblick is a cloud-based software that helps employers navigate the complexities of HR compliance and immigration in the United States. With Onblick’s guided processes, you can reduce standard RFEs while increasing approvals. Onblick automates compliance and digitizes data, ensuring that you’re ready for any DOL audits involving PAF / 19 and Wage. It also has an offsite supervision feature to help you establish a working relationship with your employees. OnBlick is a SaaS-based application designed to streamline HR and immigration processes to ensure organizational compliance. It compiles data from regulatory sources to provide accurate HR and immigration compliance advice. H-1B case management, SOC predictor, Electronic I-9, PAF Automation, and Employee Management are just a few of the features available on OnBlick (ESS). The SOC predictor recommends appropriate SOC codes and wage levels for the potential H-1B employee based on the requirements. Employers can use the H-1B Case Management module to start, manage, and track H-1B petitions all from one place. The Electronic Form I-9 form OnBlick makes completing Form I-9s for all employees, including remote hires, a breeze.

After In-Progress LCA uploads, the PAF (Public Access File) automation feature creates an entire PAF. Employers can make training plans for I-983 employees and have Timesheets & Supervision completed for remote employees working at the client’s location. In addition to these features, HR reports provide insight into the workforce, and Employee Self Service capabilities ensure a smooth onboarding process. Both Android and iOS versions of OnBlick ESS are available for mobile use. By assimilating information from regulatory sources, OnBlick is a SaaS platform that provides recruitment, immigration, and HR compliance. OnBlick’s key differentiators and benefits. Users can compare their efforts to productivity using structured data and automated reporting, which can help them make better business decisions. Recruitment processes that are automated save time and streamline tasks. Users can ensure that workflows between applications are uninterrupted, resulting in increased operational efficiency. ADP Marketplace, Gmail, Outlook, E-Verify, and various other applications are all supported by the system. Users can rest assured that their recruitment and onboarding procedures adhere to HR and immigration regulations. Employee-employer relationships can be established for both STEM and H-1B Program employees by designating an internal or external supervisor to whom employees will report and who will be able to perform evaluations on the platform. The H-1B checklist makes administrative work easier, creating a customized list of required documents. After completing the checklist, HR can share it with employees to request records, assign a reviewer to verify the employee’s information, and add a second verification level. OnBlick’s typical customers include startups, SMEs, agencies, and enterprises. This feature allows multiple employees to be onboarded at the same time. Administrators can manage new hires’ work authorization and collect required documentation and the digital signature of new hires. The system improves readiness for DOL audits and FDNS site visits through audit trails. E-Verify the process by completing, retaining, and updating I-9 forms digitally. Companies can designate authorized representatives to assist with remote hire document verification. The system ensures immigration compliance by initiating, managing, and tracking H-1B petitions and improving H-1B approvals by leveraging regulatory data on job titles and wage levels. Users can save and automatically generate public access files, create training plans, define evaluations, and fill out Form I-983. Managers can approve and review their employees’ work, create org charts based on employee hierarchy, and stay informed about their projects. Managers can review and support their employees’ work, create org charts based on employee hierarchy, keep track of work authorization, document expiration dates and pending actions.

Employees can apply for and track paid time off, vacations, and holidays under the company’s leave policy. They can also add attachments, track their timesheets, and create and submit a timesheet for their work. HR can set up alerts to remind employees to submit timesheets. Employees can easily update information by logging into their accounts. They can scan and upload multiple documents using their mobile camera and crop them using an ESS mobile app. Based on duties and location, the system suggests appropriate SOC codes and recommends prevailing wages. Data from regulatory sources such as O*Net, FLC Data Center, and the BLS is assimilated and integrated by the code predictor. After uploading an in-progress Labor Condition Application, organizations can be audit-ready in seconds by auto-generating and retaining public access files. Users can also create custom templates to generate PAFs automatically based on their needs.

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