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What is Payroll Network?

Payroll Network is a human capital management system that automates payment, time and attendance, benefits, onboarding, and other employee lifecycle aspects. It’s a web-based, fully integrated program that streamlines and automates processes for better accessibility and accuracy. It’s suitable for companies of all sizes in industries looking to streamline employee assistance with customizable support levels. Government contractors, nonprofits, restaurants, and auto dealerships benefit from the program’s payroll and HR capabilities. It’s appropriate for businesses of all sizes, with over 145,000 employers and 5 million employees currently using it. Many software departments have built-in help to connect directly to assistance, in addition to trained professionals assisting with tax questions. Payroll Network is beneficial to both businesses and individuals. It’s also helpful to employees. It ensures that employees are paid the correct amount, on time, and via the payment method of their choice, all with the least amount of time and effort. Employees can also view their payment history and quickly adjust their personal information and payment preferences using user-friendly interfaces. They can get answers soon if they have questions, reducing work disruptions.

Payroll automates payments to all employees, making them faster and more accurate, and it’s accessible from anywhere. With mobile-compatible direct deposits, you can say goodbye to time-consuming manual data entry and paper checks. It has intelligent built-in reports that help you spot trends and better manage your time and money. Customize notifications to only include relevant data and view data in real-time to arrive at accurate conclusions. Keep track of job history, certifications, and PTO requests. To make the best decision, compare benefit plans. Increase employee growth and job satisfaction by customizing the performance package. With an individualized HR platform, you can give employees more access to its information and insight. With mobile app compatibility, you can see benefit management and personalized time history from anywhere, at any time. With a collaborative recruitment process, you can post job openings on multiple job boards, collaborate with hiring managers, and reduce the cost and time it takes to hire. Electronic signatures and workflow automation can reduce paperwork and manual data entry for new hires. For remote access to pay history, time tracking, and other HR elements, use the fully integrated iSolved mobile app. Protect sensitive employee information with a robust data security system. With cloud-based data storage, you can prevent fraud and collect essential data. All state, local, and federal taxes and quarterly returns should be scheduled and filed. Gather and file electronic federal unemployment tax returns and amend prior returns internally. When filing quarterly returns, 1099s and W-2s, and unemployment claims, seek help from designated tax experts.

Streamline the process with direct employee deposits and managers’ remote payment access, saving everyone time and ensuring accurate payouts with simplified administrative functions. With automated processing and garnishment, you can rest easy knowing that every employee is appropriately compensated and compliant and that every run is completed on time. Combine processing with various levels of HR support to get the most out of a new service. To make HR, benefits, time tracking, and employee lifecycle management more accessible to managers and employees, combine them into one integrated software.

A built-in learning platform, real-time data dashboards, and an employee mobile app implement cutting-edge solutions for any company. Use digital tools that are industry-specific and adapt as needs change.

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