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What is PerformYard Talent?

PerformYard is software with flexible features for managing feedback, goals, and reviews. It can also assist with some general HR responsibilities. To facilitate 360-degree feedback, it incorporates feedback from across the organization. It collects input on employee performance from clients and other stakeholders outside the organization. It allows users to examine more carefully the review results, comparing employee performance using a variety of visuals. Calibration analysis can identify and reward top performers thanks to reporting. Goals and objectives are fluid and subject to change depending on the needs of the business. It allows users to gain valuable insights into goal progress and break them down into manageable chunks, making goal management easier.

With its handful of basic yet flexible features, you can access simple navigation. It is used for several purposes, from simple annual reviews to a comprehensive performance management strategy—the simple, adaptable system for multiple roles within an organization. Allow users to carry out their vision for performance management. The system adapts to the users’ needs; for example, reviews, goals, and feedback all have a variety of templates from which to choose. As a result, users can develop their own personal best performance management process. With reporting, you can make well-informed, data-driven decisions. Users quickly find the information they need and feel confident in their choices and decisions because data back them up. Business strategy should be documented and communicated at all levels of an organization’s hierarchy. To ensure that every employee has a clear line of sight of business objectives, clarify who owns what, define expectations, timelines, and contributions. Assign responsibilities to employees and break the tasks down into manageable and executable parts. Allow each team member to keep track of their progress about their strategy and goals. Manage goals annually and create a written conversation between the individual and the team leader. Gather information about the team’s performance, identify bottlenecks, and take action to improve performance. It enables senior management to respond quickly to issues.

Recognize exceptional employees and their contributions to the organization’s objectives. Employees should be praised for their effort and made to feel valued. It boosts employee morale and increases the rate of employee retention. Provide employees with unbiased, constructive feedback regularly. It assists employees in correcting errors and delivering expected results. With the custom control center, a performance review dashboard, and visual reports, you can identify bottlenecks in the organization’s processes. The dashboard, for example, can show who has completed and who has not completed their performance reviews in real-time. This proactive approach aims to prevent problems from arising first or as soon as they do.

Allows users to customize performance reviews by selecting from various question types. Set a review cycle cadence and enable email reminders. A live progress dashboard gives users an overview of their progress and checks on participation levels. 360-degree feedback, input from people across the organization, and external input may all be included in performance reviews. With the visual goal cascade feature, you can break down goals by their owner, expectation, timeline, and contributions. These classifications aid in the assignment of responsibilities and the division of the plan into manageable chunks. Updates, feedback, and collaboration for individual goals are stored in a repository. Users can link goals and reviews. Recognize employees on the activity stream, give 1:1 feedback to employees that can be shared with their managers, and follow up with them throughout their time with the company. With a complete track record of their team that can be filtered by date, contributor, and type, users can inform managers about employee performance. Users can keep track of their performance notes. Create reports and visualizations for goals and data analysis automatically. Dashboards for the review cycle, a stacked bar chart, a nine-box grid of performance values, segmented reports, performance trends, and custom form reports are all included in the reporting. Onboarding workflows, document storage, company directory, enterprise security, activity logs, and employee data are just a few of the general HR features available. Use automation to implement email reminders, single sign-on, and E-Signature capabilities, among other things. The system collects, encrypts, and stores all employee data automatically. Managers can efficiently distribute reviews and export them to PDF with a single click. ADP, BambooHR, Slack, G Suite, Office 365, Okta, and OneLogin are all compatible. These integrations ensure that business processes are synchronized, eliminating the need to log into multiple applications every morning

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