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What is PersistIQ?

PersistIQ assists sales teams in launching personalized outbound campaigns with multiple touchpoints, from database management to team reporting. PersistIQ integrates with various CRMs, marketing automation systems, and Salesforce to fit into sales workflows. PersistIQ covers database and lead management. It enables salespeople to import lead lists, create custom database fields, and detect duplicate leads. It also syncs existing leads’ email histories to ensure they aren’t included in campaigns. PersistIQ improves sales campaigns by establishing follow-up reminders and enhancing email templates. 

PersistIQ includes team collaboration tools like database and template sharing and team reporting to identify issues to help teams sell smarter and faster. Managers can also create team dashboards, which provide a global view of the sales process and pipeline to every team member. PersistIQ is a salesforce automation tool that assists salespeople in increasing outbound sales. It is a cloud-based solution that aims to deliver all sales workflows, from email follow-ups to phone tasks, together on one software. It is primarily targeted at small and midsize businesses. Automation tools for duplicate lead detection, campaign launching, database management, analytics, campaign performance analysis, and team collaboration are just a few of PersistIQ’s key features. It also includes an A/B testing platform that allows users to compare and contrast campaigns and outcomes. PersistIQ consists of a LinkedIn extension for Chrome and works with various CRM and marketing automation platforms, including Zapier. PersistIQ automates the most time-consuming aspects of sales. A sound workflow system integrates more emails, phone calls, and tasks to increase productivity by looking for prospects, making calls, and not missing a follow-up opportunity. The simple interface of PersistIQ keeps you organized and on track with every prospect and customer. PersistIQ’s strategic safety features help you communicate like a human, enabling you to avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Sales teams can use PersistIQ’s A/B testing to test different campaigns and compare their results to improve the sales process. Sales teams can improve their sales performance using PersistIQ’s detailed statistics and analytics, campaign analysis, and team reporting. Integrate PersistIQ with Salesforce to seamlessly transfer contacts from one platform to the next. Many automation tools are available, including duplicate lead detection, lead follow-up, and templates. A LinkedIn Chrome extension is included with PersistIQ. It allows sales teams to find relevant information about prospects and directly add them to their PersistIQ campaigns. Create campaigns that include emails, phone calls, and tasks, all with specific wait times in between. Learn which campaigns are the most effective, messages have the highest response rates, and much more. Create and organize templates for your team to store and share. Maintain campaign consistency with ready-to-use templates that help you streamline your communication and save time and stress. Segment (CRM, Marketing Automation, Databases) can easily sync prospect and customer unsubscribe or opt-out requests to PersistIQ. A prospect who has been marked as unsubscribed or opted-out will no longer receive scheduled touchpoints. Safeguards will kick in, preventing you or anyone on your team from adding the unsubscribed or opted-out prospect to any future sales campaigns. A potential that has been marked as unsubscribed or Opted out will no longer receive touchpoints.

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