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What is Planday?

Planday is a cloud-based employee scheduling platform that works for companies of all sizes and industries. Planday allows managers to manage employee hours, vacation requests, shift swaps, payroll, and employee communication in addition to scheduling. Planday may assist businesses that want their employees to work smarter rather than harder. Employee scheduling software that connects employees and managers across all devices and gives them a complete picture of their work schedules, including absences, punch clocks, shift swaps, and more. Managers can simplify employee schedule management with Planday, which includes features such as a location-specific clock, allowing employees to clock in from any device once they arrive at work. It informs both managers and employees about how much they should be paid. There’s also a sophisticated payroll export feature and mobile connectivity, automation, and modern templates. When managers and business owners use Planday, they free up their own time.

Planday’s online employee scheduling tool enables almost any size and vertical business to manage its workforce on a single platform. With features like drag-and-drop schedule creation and the ability to copy schedules week after week instead of creating new schedules from scratch each time, existing customers report saving 80 percent of their admin time and 5% of their staffing costs. You can optimize your shifts to avoid high payroll costs by having a comprehensive overview of your schedule. Planday’s location-specific clock-in feature allows employees to clock in from any device when they arrive at work. It provides a detailed analysis of how many hours were worked for more accurate payroll and revenue forecasting. Our integrated communication feature also lets you send messages to specific employees in specific locations and enable employees to switch shifts on the fly. Instead of manually creating schedules week after week, businesses can copy them. Companies can optimize their schedules to avoid overstaffing payroll costs by providing a comprehensive overview of employee shifts. Planday’s location-specific clock-in feature allows employees to clock in from any device when they arrive at work, providing administrators with a complete picture of the hours worked. It provides managers with a more accurate picture of expected payroll and revenue. Businesses can message employee groups in specific locations using Planday’s integrated communication feature. Employees can message each other to swap shifts on the go.

Built-in messaging features can help organizations improve team communication. It assists in the management of hourly workers, the tracking of employee activity, and the creation of reports that provide a comprehensive overview of the company. Employees can request time off and set availability through Staff Management. Get the most up-to-date information on employee availability, so you don’t have to schedule people who aren’t available. You can directly create, edit, and publish schedules—schedule qualified employees for shifts that require specific skills. Notify team members of shift changes. Employees can send direct messages to their coworkers to swap shifts or find a replacement.

Allow employees to use mobile apps to clock in and out. To ensure that employees clock in for shifts, create location-specific rules.Keep track of labor data such as employee sick days, hours worked, and shift assignments. Create reports based on this information to learn more about schedule standards.

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